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Hello its been a year now since I have been dealing with anxiety and panick attacks. It has really taken a toll on my daily activities. I have a son, a job, and other things that I do. But since this year my anxiety has gotten so bad to the point I am unable to function at work. What should I do? I am so confuse. Should I quit my job and stay home? Or try to stick it out. Im always fweling sick, no energy, and can not concentrate when Im having an episode. Its just a horrible feeling. Let me know what you all think


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  • I suggest stick it out. Get some anxiety meds if you have to. From my experience quitting my job made it worse after a while because I realized work kept me preoccupied

  • Thank you I am still debating because sometimes I have anxiety attacks at work which makes me feel terrible afterwards.

  • Stick it out. If you leave your job, you are running away from your anxiety. Anxiety simply thrives on avoidance/running away because you are reinforcing the messages being sent to your limbic system that there is a threat so your mind and body stay on high alert.

    To be free from anxiety, you have to think and feel everything whilst carrying on with your life doing normal things like working and socialising, no matter how you may feel. Throughout my recovery, I found it very difficult to work and was full of fear every day for a good while believing my job was one of the main causes. However, I knew that the job wasn't so bad before anxiety came along and moments of clarity during the day made me see that it wasn't work that was making me feel this way, if was the anxiety. In turn this made it easier for me to accept the feelings and go about my business. Gradually, the symptoms melted away. If you quit your job, a job that you may have enjoyed before anxiety came along, you will dwell upon things sat at home doubting your ability to be able to hold down another job. Again, this just feeds your anxiety. You do literally have to feel the fear and do it anyway, to use the title of a book.

  • Oh wow thank you so much for this information. That's the main problem with me is fear. I fear that I might pass out or something at work or something else bad might happen. Thanks again

  • Hi lovely85, I agree with the others. You need to keep busy. If your mind is occupied with work, anxiety will lessen. Your brain can't think two things at the same time. If you're at home, you will be focused on all your feelings. Over thinking them. I am oversensitive to my heartbeat. Always feels like it's pounding hard. When I'm into doing something, I don't notice it. Stick with your job. Ruby🌹

  • Thank you Rubyred. I will try and stay focus and continue working.

  • Hi, I am sorry you are going through this, I know that feeling all too well. Ultimately the choice is yours, but me personally, I had to quit back in Dec 2015. I had such bad panic attacks I collapsed multiple times and I chose to put my well being first, even though i took a big hit financially. It is all working out though, God willing.

  • Yes I totally understand, its not just the anxiety but its the other aches and pain that comes along with it. I have been having serious back pain and headaches because of this and its hard focusing on a job, which is stressing me for once. I want to quit to focus on getting more help with my anxiety and then go back to work. I really do think I need meds to calm my anxiety down, Its everyday I feel not well and that's not a good feeling. Thank you so much for responding.

  • I suffer the headaches badly too. Don't worry we will find peace again. God is good. 😙

  • I quit my full time job when i was 35 through this complaint but after 3 weeks i went self employed & it was so much easier to know i could come& go in MY time.x

  • yeah that's what I thinking to work at home is much easier than going to work feeling sick all the time

  • Hello...I've been dealing with anxiety for a long time on and off. With all the test I've had nothing wrong.. but how to you really know if it just anxiet..

  • Hello....Same question I had until I sat down with my doctor and we talked. I then asked to take every heart and disease test there was to rule out any heart issues or anything. all my test came back good. so my dr finally asked me a whole lot of questions and she said that you are stressed out and you have anxiety. I was put on meds but I didn't take them because I was afraid to. She recommended me to go see a counselor that specializes with anxiety and panic attacks. I am in the process of doing so as soon as possible. I pray something gives so that I can go back to my normal life.

  • So I was telling you that if you think that there is something more than anxiety please tell your doctor and get tests done to rule out any other issues you might think you have. I promise you it will make you feel better, well a lil better for that day lol. Anxiety sucks, I wish something could erase the thoughts and the way we feel out of our minds.

  • Doing my own reach.. and I tell you that anxiety cause millions of problems.. and talking to other ppl.. helps me. So I created a page on facebook.. so that ppl who is dealing with this issue can talk about it. Some ppl doesn't know how to open up.. so this is a start. Look me up on facebook... Christina Gilliam and go to its called" Let's Talk Aniexty" hope this help.. ☺

  • ok I sure will. Thanks

  • Its a lot of Christina Gilliam, how does your profile looks

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