Im always dizzy and off balance, head fog, cant focus and my memory is horrible now......please help me

So ive been suffering from panic disorder for about 6 months now.this last month I finally was put on zoloft 50mg. And hydroxy-zinepam 25mg. As a benzo. So I have been On zoloft for the first week of 25mg And now im on day 7 and just upped it today and switched to mornings. While taking zoloft at night I was sleeping real bad with bad dreams and waking up at like 430 am and couldnt go backto bed. Anywaysi still feel very anxtious and dizzzy more then ever. Ive been reading thatwhile taking zoloft my anxiety levels are gonna get ten times worse before it gets better. How long does it usually take tokick in. Im feeling scared and alone. I have xanax but have not used them yet. Dont know if I should ? I just want to get better as it has taken its toll on my life, job and relationship. No one understands how I feel. Dizzy dizzy dizzy, head fog, cant focus, panicking, cant stand for long periods of times. Weird outer body experience like hands feel like there not mine. Im just wanting to know if everything im feeling is normal and I am not going insane ?! Ive been taking my meds and just feeling just so sick of feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Im a tattoo artist and its affecting my work now....I need help


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  • Hi & Welcome

    You will never be alone on this forum & always have someone to talk to who will understand how you feel , which really does help as it can be so frightening sat alone thinking you must be the only person that feels this bad but you are not , so many of us have experienced these feelings to

    I personally don't take meds for anxiety & I am sure as members see your post that do they will share their experiences with you

    I do know that they can take several weeks before they work & you can feel worse before you feel better but if you can persevere & take them as your GP has instructed hopefully you will soon feel the benefits

    If you really struggle go back & see them & tell them how you are feeling




  • Thank you for ue quick response and kind words. Means alot to know im not alone in this battle. I tried to not take any meds for the first 5 months. It only got worse in every way.I was going insane I thought. I have a great job and a beautiful family and dont want to lose them. Thisnis why I went on medication. I just hate feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I also went to a ENT and everything was no4mal except my balance test . I failed it eyes open and eyes closed. He said it could be nuralagical or anxiety

  • I understand how you feel & so many members on here take medication & in time you see them posting & how much better they are :-)

    The more we worry we create the fear & then the anxiety gets worse

    It is not easy but if you can accept how you feel & accept this is anxiety even though very unpleasant eventually the fear will subside & the anxiety gets less

    Have you explained to your wife how you are suffering , I know sometimes it is not easy for people that don't suffer to understand how this feels but having their support can help so much & in the meantime keep talking on here :-)


  • Yes I have talked with her and she does Understand. she goes with me to all my appointments and did some research for me. I just hate the fact thatnits affecting us in going certain places and doing things that made us happy. Like now shes at knotts with the baby and I stayed home cause I dont want to make the trip about me and my anxiety.

  • Hi

    That is lovely that you have such a supportive wife

    When we feel like we do we can tend to beat ourselves up & prolong the recovery by feeling guilty for been ill

    If we had a physical illness the chances are we wouldn't but as this can only be felt by the person suffering we tend to give ourselves such a bad time

    Try & I know it isn't easy but to accept at the moment you are not well but you will be & when you are you will start to do & enjoy & do the things you like with your family again :-)


  • Hi Eddie and welcome.

    You say your only on day 7 although you might feel some of the effects of the drugs it usually takes a few weeks before they kick in properly. I know its hard but try and stick with it believe me you will feel the benefit. Anxiety is a horrible thing I have never taken xanax so I don't know if it is safe to take them, maybe you could ask your GP.

    Good luck Kenny-w

  • Im trying to stick it out and looking on the brighter side. Thank you.

  • Hi Yes I can relate to your state of mind We often talk about the waves of anxiety that come like the tides Try and find a relaxation method that works for you Breathing exercises seem to be the simplest way to calm the mind I've been on the Zoloft and its a bugger You may have to try other meds in the future if they become problematic I took them for almost a year which was far too long for me as I did have some withdrawal symptoms If you've been to see a doc about your dizziness that's a good step... Meds do take some time to kick in no doubt... Sounds like you do have a support group to turn too so take advantage of it don't keep anything to yourself eddie.. we cant do this alone way.. x steve

  • Thank you for the support. Im gonna try and stick it out with the zoloft and see if I do get better. Gad is so tough . Im trying to beat it. Its the dizziness thats getting me. Now I always thing something is wrong in my brain. Or like I have a brain tumor.

  • Hey Eddie,

    I've been experiencing most of the symptoms that you've mentioned. For the past week i've been feeling very dizzy, foggy, off balance, and not being able to focus on anything. I don't take any meds however. I literally get terrified and think that i'll never feel better sometimes. I know how you feel and just want you to know you're not alone. Hope we start feeling better.

  • Thanks den a

    It is really hard to go through all this and if ur feeling the same. U should talk with ur doctor. U might find some answers. Im on meds now cause I thought it would go away like before. I hope u start feeling better also.

  • I've been sharing the same symptoms. Did you know that there is a correlation between posture and sinus pressure? Sinus pressure symptoms can have the same effects that we've been experiencing: fogginess, dizziness, decreased cognitive performance, etc.

    Make sure that your work space is ergonomic and that your posture is correct. Once I corrected my work space, and thus my posture, I IMMEDIATELY felt relief in my head, face, back, and most importantly, my brain. I could literally feel the foggy pressure being relieved from my face.

    Google "Posture and Sinus Pressure". It's helped me so much. I hope this helps you.

  • Hi Eddie, it is really hard wen u first go on medication for anxiety as they do make u feel worse before better. Wen I first started mine a few yrs back they took about a month to start working. I was on about two wks wen we all went on a long journey to Cornwall camping. We came back early cuz the weather was really bad. It's a good job we did as from the Sunday I felt worser then I had before I started the medication. After about five days I started feeling better each day. Even thou I had a couple of bad days mostly was good ones. I'm glad I stuck with them as they do help so much xxx

  • Thanks donaf

    Ya im gonna stick with it and let the medication kick in. Ive been reading and the feeling I have is called" brain fog " its a horrible almost on my second week and still feel horrible. It sucks and I want to just feelnormal again. Thank u for the support and response. Glad im not alone in this

  • You could try getting some information on the MIND Website and type in anxiety and panic attacks I found this very useful information for myself and my family to read.

  • Hi,these symptoms are anxiety at its best,I feel exactly the same most days,got all tests done and all are normal,even though I feel like i'm going to die..If you could stick it out with the meds for a few weeks,then you would know if they'er helping you or not,the start up effects are bad,but I know people who say they have helped them.I don't take antidepressants,but I do take xanax and I couldn't function without them,they keep the panic away,if you take them as needed,they can really help,its horrible feeling like this,and I really feel for you.If you find your meds are not working,you could go on a different class of a/d,,ssri's don't agree with everyone,mayby an older a/d might suit you better,like mirtzipine,these might calm you down more,keep posting and let us know how you are getting

  • Thank you Miarose, ya I just had a real bad panic attack last night while working. I managed to keep working and finish but had to take a xanax 0.5mg right after. Now I woke up with a million thoughts running through my brain. Im taking my zoloft this morning and just hoping for a better day. Hope it does get better for us. Hang in there as well. Take care . -Eddie

  • No I dont get headaches. Its mostly pressure sometimes. And what they call "brain fog"

  • Ok

  • Zoloft didnt work for me and nes meds u start takes four to six weeks for if to start to work now i take klonpin but its only for night but i take hot shower and drink hot coco

  • Im only on day 13. Not even a full 2weeks yet. Im going to give it the full 4 weeks and hope it gets better.

  • Hey...what do you mean you can't stand long? I suffer the same thing:(

  • Hey msdizzy7 I am dizzy all the time. 24/7 . Its more of a brain fog.but with my medication I do have some days now without feeling to dizzy. But as ar as stsnding in place for more then 5 mins makes me feel like my legs are going to give out and I feel alot better when I sit down. Ive done alot of rreserch and it could be a number of things. But im being very hopful that its just the anxiety/panic attacks .

  • Hey Eddie,

    I justhink read your post. I have the same thing going on and am actually going into two straight years dealing with it every day. Xanax keeps it at bay but I can tell it's still there even with xanax. I was wondering if you ever found out what was going on or how you are doing with it.

  • Hey there.

    My dizzy spells have gone away. I am on sertraline 50mg a day since January 1st. I have had the bad time early on. Xanax only does when u feel like ur gonna have to. I needed to be on something that was long term. Are u on anything long term?

  • The doc put me on 10 mg of Lexapro and just increased it to 20mg. I take xanax almost daily. .25-.50 mg of xanax. After going to literally a dozen different type of doctors, I went to the one I'm seeing now and he really believes it's a severe cacase of depression and stress. Was this the diagnosis you were finally given?

  • Ye sit was.... It effected me in everyday life. Work... Relationships... And sanity. I spent so much money just to find out what was wrong with me. From optical... Ear and nose specialist and doctors with test. And yes it was all negative..... Came out to be major stress and depression! I let them be right and started taking the steps and stayed positive for months to get better and so far I am very much better. Didn't happen overnight but it's slowly getting back to normal. What saved me was these message boards and reading the good stories. Don't go on these and take in only the bad. It does get better. I want u to take a step back and realize you are not alone! And remeber..... It's all in ur mind. No one has ever died from anxiety! I wish u all the best and if u need to talk more feel free.

  • Eddie , i am glad you are getting better !this is giving me some hope. i am sorry to hear what you have been to. for almost two years i have been getting the same symptoms, foggy brain ,dizziness , inability to focus in addition to muscle twitching all over the body , my symptoms seems to be triggered by long and focused reading (if its a normal reading that does not require a concentration no spells will happen!!! ) i guess due to your work nature u will require a lot of mental efforts and concentration so it may trigger yours !!! i tried all kind of test and Dr with no hope , all test was normal (thanks god ofcourse) , i have to decided to do my own research as no doctors is able to help me . . i just hope its anxiety or stress related , now its my 2nd weeks on cymbalata and hope i will get better soon . one thing seems to help me a little once i get a brain fog is try to relax the area at forehead by simply massaging the forehead area and close the eyes for 5 mins , try not squeeze your forehead once you are concentrating !

    please try it and let me know if it helps . regards

  • Hi I have been having vertigo/dizziness for 3 months woke up crazy spinning one morning and sick to my stomach since then the dizziness has remained. Had all sorts of test too all negative. They just gave me Zoloft my nerves are shot I cannot get out of my own thoughts. So sick of being dizzy at breaking point I am hopping this medication helps as the doctors have no answer.

  • I doubt you will get this but I'm getting the same sort of symptoms I'm only young and it's horrible I thought maybe we could speak a bit because it seems like no body I talk to about it understands you probably won't get this but worth a try

  • How long before you felt better with Zoloft. I'm going through the same thing now. Been on for 22 days

  • Hi, you are not alone. I was the same way. Not only was I dizzy, I was vomiting and felt sick all the time. I too took medication and it made it worse. Bad nightmares and couldn't sleep. I got off the meds little by little and looked for a homeopathic. I feel much better I still get symptoms but they are less. Make sure you are not consuming alcohol, caffeine or sugar. Everything will be ok. All the systems you have I had. It will be ok. Try to look for natural medicine. I also do acupuncture. All is a process. Hope u feel better

  • I no exsactly how u feel pal its realy scary sometimes I feel like I cant breath and have to stand up and get my self togeva its a realy scary exsperiance I wudnt wish it on any1

  • I've been having the same symptoms as you. I feel tired, dizzy, head fog, trouble focusing and concentrating. It would even get so bad that it would affect my ability to retrieve words, making it difficult to communicate effectively.

    I used to work out heavily and noticed that when I would have a vigorous exercise, I would feel these symptoms. Usually a massage on my trapezius muscle group would alleviate these symptoms! However, that only granted temporary relief.

    Lately I've been having these symptoms even though I've stopped working out (over 1 month). What could it be? I discovered that there is a correlation between POSTURE and SINUS PRESSURE. I sit in front of a computer 8+ hours a day. My posture is poor, as my work station is not configured ergonomically. I made some small adjustments and was more conscious of my posture. Almost IMMEDIATELY, I felt relief. No more pressure in my head and face, cognitive abilities returned, no more dizziness.

    I strongly urge you to look into your posture. Just Google "posture and sinus pressure." You will find there is a plethora of information and studies regarding this correlation. I hope this helps!! I am so relieved to have found the source of my brain fog.

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