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Lightheaded all the time

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Does anyone else experience lightheadedness, with some slight dizziness 24/7? Feel like I'm the only one. Last week I had a panic attack while i was working in NYC, it came out of nowhere and i wasn't stressed beforehand. Since then my symptoms have been heightened so difficult just walking down the street. Next week i have to fly across country then back again 2 more times for work until the end of the month. Trying to stay in the moment, not stress or overthink however it's hard not to worry about how my symptoms will be as i am experiencing lightheadedness now.


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Yes I am light headed 24/'s awful.and feel like I'm swaying or walking on a cloud.that and other horrible symptoms.hoping that one day it will go away.

Your not alone.

Thank you and I hope this goes away for both of us and anyone else who suffers.

Have you spoken to your doctor to make sure the lightheadedness is anxiety and not organic, low blood pressure can cause the feeling. Also Vitamin B12 deficiency if you're vegan. Certainly sounds like anxiety but best to confirm. Lightheadedness goes hand in hand with anxiety, the result of over sensitive nerves. It's disconcerting but it's not harmful, you're not going to fall over: lightheadness caused by anxiety doesn't have the power to do that. Just accept it for the time being, don't stress or obsess about it as that only generates fear hormones which keep your nervous system sensitised.

Accept it for the moment as fearlessly as you can and give your jangled nerves a chance to recover.

Thank you. I've been vegan for a long time and all my levels are healthy and normal. My blood pressure is normal as well. I go to a homeopathic doctor who has helped me but still have symtoms. I appreciate your kind input.

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I would check your iron levels, I was anemic and very dizzy and lightheaded. It sent me into panic attacks. I take iron, b complex and d3 everyday now

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I take the same supplements along with others. I appreciate your response very much.

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I started taking IRON about a month ago and it has helped me too...I was very low on iron...even though my blood tests for hemoglobin were normal....ask the doctor to do an IRON and FERRITON blood test.....

Hi you say your blood tests come back normal , but you take iron supplements , I have a bottle of floral in liquid iron and vitamin formula , although the I have had blood tests for everything and they have come back normal, so you feel better taking iron although your levels are normal I started taking this tonic last week ,make me constipated , didn’t persevere with it as the doctor said everything is niemal do you feel better in iron. I dint have periods anymore , I know there is no magic pill, I feel terrible every day, I have read Claire Weekes books until I am going cross eyed, and listen to her cassettes. And I do try and accept these feelings. The tiredness is over whelming. , I can’t do much with out having to sit down. Or lay down , as for going out I have been out a few times , I seem too tired to walk though. Maybe it’s my age.

It may be anxiety, but you should check with your doctor. If he does not find any physical cause you will be more relaxed about the light headedness, and in turn, that may lessen the severity of it.

Diagnosed with GAD with panic attacks.

Thank you so much.

Hi Christine-vegan, I happen to look back at your last post a year ago stating the same issues. At that time you stated that meds were not an option you were taking the homeopathic route. Actually you said that the symptoms had heightened since you had a panic attack in NYC. A year ago, you had a panic attack which prompted the same lightheaded, dizzyheaded feeling.

Many times when we have a Panic Attack it brings about the fear of it happening again and we begin to live in the "what if" moment. Fear perpetuates fear. Whether we are anxious or not, our subconscious mind may be sending out red flags even when nothing is going on.

It's always a good idea to have a doctor look at you to be sure. Make sure you let him know you had this once before after a Panic Attack. I think it's going to boil down to anxiety once more. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate for this next month. Maybe your holistic doctor can recommend something to quiet you down. I know that feeling all too well from years ago and it was very disturbing. Keep us updated please. Hope you get some answers. xx

Thank you, very comforting words.

Natural GABA might help......

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I went through a patch last year where I’d be fine 1 min and then I’d be light headed, almost like a head rush but for no reason,

I do permanently when walking outside especially if there’s space around me. I have to walk close to things and when I’m walking I feel like I’m being pulled to the side! It’s a strange feeling and I hate it 😢 I’ve suffered from GAD for over 20 years and hope one day I will finally feel normal. I’m on Citalopram 10mg and sometimes wonder if it’s them but been on them so long am scared to not take them 😲. X

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