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how long

Omg im fed up of this now! I went to see my Dr yesterday and she told me to stick with the fluoxetine at least until after christmas as it will get better and maybe put me on a higher dose if things have not settled down, ie the side effects. Im on 20 mg and only been on them since 9th October (i thought it was longer!), im feeling low, i get bad tremors of a morning which last about half an hour, tinnitus, a lump in my throat as if something is stuck in it, and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness is horrible, i feel as if im a burden to my family and feel guilty all the time, like ive shut myself away from everyone and i get paranoid. Iv got no friends, my b/f doesnt know how to help and i feel as if my daughter is fed up of me. Will i get better, im really fed up of feeling like this. I went on the fluoxetine to stop my anxiety/panic attacks, but i feel it has made me worse with depression, although the anxiety and panic have stopped. I know i should push myself to get out more, but ive got the cant be bothered to do anything mood. What is wrong with me? I dont want to be miserable anymore, i feel im going to push everyone away, who ever is left in my life, cos im so miserable.

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I'm on them and they made me feel worse before better. I had them for my anxiety bout after about a month, they started working but I felt really depressed. They made me feel Like that before they made me feel better. I cudnt stop crying and I didn't know why. I felt like I was going mad but I had to pull myself out of it. Very hard I know. I decided I had to pick my self up day by day. Where I just didn't want to do anything I forced myself even if it was a walk to the shop day by day I done more untill I stopped letting it make me feel like it was. Also I had the lump in my throat for what felt like ages, I still get it now from time to time. As annoying as that is I try and stop thinking about it and it seems to go quicker. I've been told its to do with our nerves. If u still don't feel any better thou I would go back to your doctors and make sure he puts your dose up or puts you on something else. You shudnt have to wait till January that's not fair on you or your family. I hope you start feeling better very soon, big hugs coming to you and if you want a chat we am all here xxx


Hi linny13,

agree with donaf so much, think we are on the same level donaf. linny, I think all these meds no matter what ones if they are for anxiety they seem to make you feel worse for a while, i know both times i have changed drugs i have felt more anxious in the first couple of weeks. I think they only help if you stick with them.

Its not a great time of the year either, for feeling great. I also think its pretty common to feel like a burden when we are unwell, i know i do, and also feel like family will get fed up with me in the end. try not to shut yourself away, i have done this, but i know it doesnt work. i know its hard believe me, but you must on a goodish day try to do something, make you mind think of something other than feeling down, dont give your mind the option of thinking bad thoughts, do something you might enjoy, i find mind divertion quit good, i know latter the problems will return, but its a good place to start. make a diary of what you have done and how you felt while doing it, its so difficult to be positive when we feel rubbish, but you must be strong linny if you want to move in the right direction, its just little steps to start with, nothing major, anything little. try to write back with something you have done one day this week.

i have been stuck in doors for a long while, but then i decided i'd had enough, started writing on here, and started a small walk outside, i have kept the walk going and slowing very! i have started to go further, and though i dont feel like the anxiety is any less, but if i am honest it has gone down a little, oh and i also agree to go back to your gp if you are not happy, dont wait its not them that are feeling so poorly, best wishes linny TTFN VV


i know how you feel too,i felt like i was a burden to my hubby and son having to keep seeing me cry all the time i kept locking myself away and sit and cry they just didnt know how to deal with it,my anxiety got so bad i had to see my Dr,ive been taking citalopram for 3 weeks but the first 2 weeks were dreadful.. i know feel a lot better so i would stick with your meds its takes time but you will start to feel better..dont wait till january see another Dr if your not happy and remember your not alone.. hugs lisa x


I personally do not think antidepressants are the answer and sometimes they can actually mimic the symptoms they are supposed to treat. They can even cause suicidal thoughts. At the most they will mask symptoms but not cure your depression and also constantly bombarding your body with drugs can leave you feeling very low. I think you need a good counsellor or psychotherapist who will try and get to the bottom of things and find the actual cause of you feeling as you do. You say you have a daughter so try to focus on the positive things in your life. An amazing book may help you fathom things out called "Beyond Prozac by Doctor Terry Lynch. It would help you to understand yourself better. Remember, you are only human and having feelings and emotions is very natural, Also we were not made to feel constantly happy. Drug companies are cashing in on peoples depression making us think its wrong to ever feel sad.

Try and do nice things with your daughter. Take her for a nice meal, go swimming together or the zoo, but stay close to her whatever you do. She really needs you and you do not want your negativity to rub off on her. Also eat very healthily and cut out caffeine. Tell yourself you are going to make a change and if you really want to it will happen but your the only person who can really do it , not a tablet. Please try and read the book I mentioned. It really would help you and good luck!. Spoil yourself and your daughter and have a lovely christmas x


Please hang in there, do one day at a time. Feel proud of the things you do each day nomatter how small. I'm the same, I know I should push myself but just doing the things I have to do are enough for me at the moment so don't feel bad. I've read so much stuff about anxiety but it still doesn't make the feelings go away. Try and find something to distract yourself with, it helps me even though I have to force myself. I'm not very good at the moment so even typing this has helped. My thoughts are with you and I hope you feel better soon.


I am so fed up of myself too. Anxious cause not doing things I should be doing but can't seem to get my butt in gear to do anything. Hoping that tablets will make a difference but only been 9 days and seem to swing from thinking I could go back to work to wanting to hurt myself in seconds. It is good to know how others feel too.


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