I have a telephone appointment tomorrow and I'm so nervous!

I was referred for CBT about 4 weeks ago, and I have a telephone appointment tomorrow, I'm guessing to assess me? I had to phone up for an appointment, and they gave me Monday at 12:30 I stupidly agreed to the date and time because I felt I had to. I'm actually working tomorrow 9- 5:30 so have got permission to take the call, I have chosen to do this in my work colleagues car! I'm so worried about this call. Has anyone else had any experience of a telephone appointment? I just don't know what to expect!


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  • Hi JB yes I have a few times and I was just as worried about it as you. No need at all. It will be a case of answering questions mostly giving them a score of between 1-10 to assess what type of treatment you may need . Nothing to worry about , no deep meaningful conversations. It will be fine love, they may offer you an on-line course called "beating the blues" or face to face talking time. Trust me don't waste today worrying anymore about it if you can. I'm a shocker for it!! love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yep, Ella's right, JB it will almost certainly be fairly simple - as she says, like How would you rate your anxiety on a scale of 1 - 10 - that sort of thing. And, don't forget, they are professionals, they will understand that you're nervous - and it's NOT an exam!

    You'll be fine, I'm sure, and i hope they offer you the help you need. Do come back and let us know how you get on!




  • Thank you both. I'm glad to hear it won't go into too much detail! I hope they offer face to face therapy, not keen on an on-line course!


  • This is a common method used these days to assess your suitability for therapy. I guess they are trying to save money by not having you in for a face-to-face assessment.

    But as the others have said, you will just be asked a few questions to assess the degree of impairment you suffer and what help will be most appropriate.

    Like you, I would also feel automatically anxious at the idea of it, especially doing it away from home and having to get back to work right after, but I'm sure once it is done you will feel "phew, it wasn't that bad after all!!"

  • Assessment all over and done with, yipeee!!! Once I had finally got out of the baby room to take the call we went through the questionnaire they had sent me before hand. I found It quite hard to put my feelings into words, and my words kept getting all muddled. He said he needs to take my information to a panel, so they can decide what treatment will be best for me.

    Thank you all so much for your support,

    JB xxx

  • Well done JB xx

  • Oh that's wonderful JB! I'm so glad for you . Keep coming on here won't you and try and let us know how you are. : ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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