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Hi, I'm new to this site and haven't yet seeked medical help for what i have......when i was 16 i started having major panic attacks, not

pleasant at all, they started suddenly, without cause, and I've had them ever since, I'm now 24, have insomnia over fears of trying to sleep, as my panic attacks happen at night panic attacks are about dying, not immediately, but the inevitability of it, people keep telling me all their theories about panic attacks and how 'not to have them' but to be quite honest, I'm not religious and there scare the hell out of me, i don't know what to do anymore so I'm making an appointment at the doctors tomorrow....i guess I'm just looking for advice and support if you have any to offer, id very much appreciate it. Thanks

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Hi & Welcome :-)

I can certainly relate to your fears & anxiety

When I was young I started with the fear of dying & the thoughts that come with it

You are doing the right thing by seeing your GP

Maybe some counselling will be something that will help you work through this I am sure your GP will discuss this with you

Unlike when I was younger there is so much help now & understanding & if your GP says see how you go , say no I would like some help now I have suffered long enough !

It is a bit late was just logging of but wanted to let you know you are not alone & I had read your post

Let us know how you get on :-)





Hey Jasmine

You certainly won't be alone in this. There are many people that are fearful of death, me being one of them. Believe it or not I have got better as I've got older, I think it's because there is nothing I can do about it, so I've told myself that I have so much more living to do before that time arrives. I'm also determined to live each day as it comes, I'm not so good that I can do this without help, mind you, so I'm on medication thaf helps me!!

Please see your GP, you really don't have to suffer this way. All the best. X


I started having panic attacks at about age 19 after my dad died. I was scared to go to sleep at that time because i was afraid I would die in my sleep. I appreciate though that actual panic attacks come out of the blue and when you have one of those you can often feel convinced you are about to die. So these are two different reactions. Fearing one's own death at some time in the future may be tied in with your panic attacks though- do you think you might rationalise the fear in this way? Either way, I think it is definitely worth trying professional help, you never know, you may learn some technique that works. Keep trying, and I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. Good luck! Sheila



Just read your post . Hope you have seen ur GP and they have started some form of treatment for you. I have had a course of CBT before and found that it was a really good foundation to start your recovery from. I battle daily with my anxiety . But most days now I control my anxiety, It doesn't control me . I still have my bad days but knowing I have support on hear to help me through my bad days Rly helps .

Hope you are ok xx


You are in the right place for a friendly ear and often some good advice from people who suffer the same way you do. I found this site when I was at my wits end trying desperately to support my husband who developed anxiety and panic attacks last year. I've lost count of the nights now when we would both lie awake with him sure he was going to have a heart attack We both now log on regularly and its helped alot my husband felt very alone and frightened and terrified that he was " a nutter" ( his words not mine) . This site helped him see that the feelings he was experiencing were far more common than he thought. You are doing the right thing seeing your GP as medication and counselling will help you to manage your symptoms, my husband doubted anything would help him but we are making steady progress and the good days are outnumbering the bad.


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