Had a good wk :-)x

Hi all, I had a up and down week last week with the anxiety. This wk since Tuesday I've hardly had any anxiety at all. Other then when I got in bed last nite, but I let it be and it went. I even was up at 6.45, with a coffee and house work all done before the boys got up at eight for school. I've got abit of anxiety now but nuthing to much. Just watching tv and letting it be again. I know its not gone but I'm just enjoying feeling like me for a while. Xxx


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  • Hey good for you, and omgosh getting housework done before 8am, wow im still waking up with a coffee and a ciggie by then and im up at 7 most mornings :). I think i need to change my daily routine :/ x keep smiling x

  • I'm usually a lot later then that lol I was sat with a coffee and fag at eight thinking I got nuthing to do but chill out the day. Then I ended up off here there and everywhere lol x

  • Thats good, im off out to town on monday Xmas shopping with 2 of my daughters, one wants clothes and the other wants mac makeup :/ it will be the first time ive been to town in a while, i really dont like it, but im going to brave it and probs ave a coffee in nandos or something get me caffeine kick first lol xx

  • Hi.linny. Sounds good. Have one for me while you are at it. And what's wrong with a drop of caffeine now and then. For god's sake, if we give up all our little pleasures where would we be! Go to town; you will be fine. Just remember the old ACCEPT how you feel and go forward. You will do it and good luck. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • I'm glad, thankyou for sharing, sometimes it's hard to believe there'll be good days.


  • Great to hear you are feeling like doing these things! good for you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank goodness for the good days .......they keep us going through the bad and they do come round. It's strange how things go in cycles but I suppose that's how life is in general.

    Hope you have a nice stress free weekend.

  • Snap huni I av had a gud wk too. It's so reassuring to know that we can beat this condition with a little patients. Gud for u huni and hoping that next wk is the same for u. Big huggles. Xxx

  • Hi. Jayne. So glad to hear you are having a good week. This is called 'glimpsing' and it means that recovery is possible. Good on yer! May it continue. Love. jonathan.

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