A few good says

Had about 3 really good days almost my normal self very minimal symptoms. I have been taking tissue salts I wonder if they are helping? I have been busy and more positive with my mind I've been blocking out my anxiety. However today I woke up with neck and shoulder pain and a funny foggy head feeling and of course I worked myself up over it, but I've been trying to battle it out I just went ahead and cleaned my house also took some ibuprofen for my neck and I must say I'm okayish.

When I have the good days I can almost see that it's anxiety however sometimes it can just take one sensation to screw it all up. Anyone else like this?


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  • Seems like we have something in common. I can usually relate my anxiety and neck tension to how well I sleep. Do you get headaches in the back of your head, top, or front? Look up trigger point therapy for your back and neck related to anxiety Doctors have been relating my neck and back tension to my anxiety, and vise versa. Deep massage and a lot of stretching has helped me immensely.

  • Yes I do get pain in those areas. I feel like I need a good massage I will look up some stretches too. Thank you :)

  • Hi what are tissue salts ? Never head of em

  • Tissue salts a minerals your body needs. I am talk my a magnesium one and a nerve one at the acute dosage and I do feel improvement.


  • Meee...I have my good days then in my head I feel yesss I've concurred it...then the days of dizziness and confusion.. Anxiety is a ugly creature...but I try to think positive and say if I can have a few good days then I can try to have more and more

  • I feel the exact same way !!!!! Had 3 days where I had no anxiety and I was out doing stuff felt so normal . Then yesterday I woke up w part of my neck and head asleep like i slept wrong but ever since I've been on edge !!! I have had so many tests done as well , why can't i just get it through my head it's anxiety !!!!!

  • I feel very exact same at to being all right for days and bang out of the blue this breathing sensation is worst than ever trying to keep it in control so I won't hyperventilation feeling of choking as well as you said you get good days but when there bad there bad

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