Anxiety flare up due to hospital tests tomorrow x help x

Hi everyone not been on for a while recently came to the end of my cbt had fabulous councellor have suffered anxiety and depression for 27 years and she's the first councellor who has helped x I've had some terrible experiences been through a lot as have many others I know I'm not unique seem to finally be getting somewhere but have been having terrible health issues due to my hiatus hernia I've got to have a mammonetry and 24 hr ph test tomorrow and am very anxious my anxiety is flaring up big style has anyone else had this done and if so was it bearable x I had an endoscopy and coped x sorry to go on but Google just scares you x

Thankyou for reading x hope you are all well x love Donna xxx


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  • Dear Donna, I don't know anything about the test you're describing but I've had other medical tests and experiences and what's been very important for me and my emotional wellbeing is to let them know BEFORE that you suffer from severe anxiety (panic attacks etc.) In my experience it's made a big difference in the way they talk to you and conduct the test. Good luck.

  • Thankyou for replying that's good advice my anxiety is through the roof now I just want it all over with x thankyou for taking the time to reply x

  • Darling, it will be over by this time tomorrow, wish I could be there to hold your hand, clench your teeth and just allow them to do there stuff.

  • I know I've had worse tests I'm being silly and at least I've got my lovely hubby coming with me x your very kind x

  • Try some relaxation exercises with your partner and see if you can relax you solar plexus, that is where the anxiety starts and the tension just tells the rest of the body there is a problem. These situations are the opportunity to find skills and learn how to deal with our bodies when they get like this. Maybe a short walk together round the block if the evening is nice and notice when you feel a little less anxious, rather than when you don't. If you jog at all try a short jog or faster walk if the hernia allows. As someone has said, it will all be over by this time tomorrow and you can only deal with one minute at a time anyway.

  • Thankyou excellent advice again people are very kind x I'm trying to think positively and am trying to relax though I find it hard x I think also I don't like getting upset in front of people which makes me anxious another thing from my childhood x but yes it'll be all over before I know it x Thankyou so much x

  • Test done tube in I did it looking forward to it coming out at 8.30 am but at least I've done it x thanks ladies x

  • Great to hear it went OK.

  • Thanks agora I must admit it is uncomfortable but bearable and if it diagnoses what's wrong with me then great x thanks once again x

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