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Sertraline good reviews?

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Hi everyone, this is my 1st post & i'd thought i'd give it ago for some advice. I've been suffering for anxiety from when I was a young teen, but over the last couple of years it's gotten severely worse. This past week I've barely been able to get out of bed, I've had the typical symptoms plus a knot of severe dread in my stomach that I can't get rid of & seems to be the worse symptom of them all. I went to my GP yesterday who prescribed 50mg of Sertraline, which now after reading what seems like 1000's of terrible reviews, I'm absolutely petrified of taking it (I know this a very ironic part of anxiety). I have a little girl & I can't afford to feel any worse than I do, as I already feel guilty about her being around me when I have this horrible illness & I all I want to do is be in bed for the rest of my life & never speak to anyone ever again.....anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone has had no side effects or just some & it does actually work for anxiety?

Thank you in advance :)

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Hey there...i take sertraline 100mg a day...i have been on it for many years and never had any side effects

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Saskia003 in reply to Kjmc

Oh thank you! Probably the 1st good review I've seen! I'm dying for something to make me feel better. Does it really help with the anxiety? I have GAD & I sometimes even get worse even when family is coming over, which is just ridiculous xx

Message me if u want☺

It has helped me...i used to be on effexor before that but had too many negative side effects.

There have been times the doctor has had to increase or decrease the dosage of sertraline over the years due to the severity of my anxiety.

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ToddBenson in reply to Kjmc

I've been on Zoloft (sertraline) 50mg for nearly 3 weeks and feeling so much better. I've been on effexor before too, but didn't help. My emotional status and irritability is so much better.

The website seems to be a reliable source for zoloft. I have been buying it from them and they gave me 10% discount code "NOANXTY". Hope this helps.

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Agora1 in reply to ToddBenson

ToddBenson, continued success on Zoloft. Glad to hear it has helped you go forward. Thanks for sharing.

Just remember you can stop anytime you want if you start feeling weird. Some people have weird side effects and others don't. Sadly it's a guessing game with these types of drugs. But if you're feeling bad after the first few nights just stop and try something else

Sertraline is an antidepressant but it is also good for anxiety. I take 150 mg been on it for years. The only side effects I've had when I first started taking it was dry mouth and little nausea but that goes away in a week or 2. The other side effect is weight gain but a lot of these drugs causes weight gain. So for me sertraline has brought me out of a dark place and made me feel like me again don't like the extra weight too much but I feel a whole lot happier. Hope this helps and take care

O and about the bad reviews I'm sure there are some that sertraline doesn't agree with but it's like the media they put more attention on bad news than good news. And when you first start taking it you might feel more anxiety just because your anxious about taking it. Be patient and deep breath through the anxiety and give the medication a chance to work.

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Saskia003 in reply to jamie1975

Thank you so much for you replies :-) You've given me hope that this may well work! Just to feel 'normal' will be amazing :-)

Dear Saskia003. I have been on Sertraline for a few years now. The only side effect I had was that my tongue swelled a bit, so I had to be careful not to bite it when I was eating. I don't remember this lasting for more than a few days though. I take 50mg a day, although the last two days I have taken 100mg as I was waking up early and worrying about stuff. I did go up to 200mg, a day, for a week or so, a few months ago after my mother-in-law died and the family were all a bit stressed. Can I suggest you look on the internet for "getselfhelp" worksheets, as these help you to think more rationally about things, and this helps. Best Wishes, pearwig.

I take 100mg a day been on them for 7 years now I was put them on to stabalise me and they do just that they helped me a lot I hope they help you too :) X

Thank you all for your replies! You've all given me hope :-) plus you're all so lovely! Thank you x

I have been on it for a little while I started taking 25 mg for a few weeks then upto 50mg with min side effects

Hey hun, I been on it for a few months now and so far it's been working yes the first weeks I felt super bad but it will pass just once u start drinking them don't stop out of no were cuz u will feel sick.. I have 2 kids and I know how u feel! I was also terrified to drink them as I read bad things online 😟 but after my second child I got really bad postpartum and I asked for meds and I'm glad I did I'm also going to therapy which helps too! If u feel really really bad just talk to your doctor so they can change them. And my main thing that has kept me going is prayer and trusting in the Lord! God bless!

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