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some advice please!

Hi everyone,

I find this website really useful in helping me in my journey with anxiety and today I just need some advice!

Recently my anxiety has got worse and the doctor put me on propananol and sertraline, do people find this works?

Last night I got about 3 hours sleep which is so not like me - i was tossing and turning with worry for hours. I think I might suffer from health anxiety and this doesn't help with the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Basically, I feel constantly sick, I never actually throw up but the feeling is there, especially when I eat or drink. I wouldn't say I have a loss of appetite but I'm afraid to eat incase I am sick, does anyone else feel like this?

Apart from that I suffer from dizziness, although I wouldn't describe it as dizziness more like just feeling 'out of it'. Does anyone else suffer from this?

Recently a close friend passed away from a brain tumor and this is constantly at the back of my mind. When I think about it my symptoms and feelings get a lot worse.

Is this normal?

In hope of some replies and reassurance,


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Hi Rach, i cannot comment on pills as i don't take them, i only do it with herbal remedies.

i used to have insomnia but nowadays is much better, i just exhaust myself to sleep, i fyou are not feeling sleepy or tired, believe me you will not sleep properly, i work in the morning and have loads to do when i am back at home, this makes me tired, at the end of the day i just watch something nice pray and go to sleep (well forgot the magical chamomile)

i thought i had a cancer in my brain but obviously i do not, this is jus tpart of your anxiety trying to find an answer of why you are feeling so horrible but there is nothing serious or wrong with you. go to GP rule out whatever concerns you and come back home to face this anxiety.

i feel dizzy all the time, sometimes like i am on the computer and is like the PC just moved for few seconds, when i walk it feels like i am walking on a boat in the water, just wobly, sometimes when i am standing, it comes and it goes and i always try to find an answer for it but there is no answer, this is just anxiety.

love and blessings



I think you definitely are suffering from health anxiety. Anxiety sufferers always assume the worse is happening to them, for eg ive got a headache, i think it might be a brain tumour or ive got a cut on my finger, im going to bleed to death.......slightest problems we have get magnified out of proportion because our brain tells us this is going to happen, anxiety is an illness, some people take medication for it and some people dont. The dizzyness is all part of anxiety, you breathe too fast taking in more oxygen making you feel light headed then the adrenalin starts to flow and then your mind works over time and you think something serious is going on, but it really isnt, everything is fine, its just your anxiety playing up.

When ever you feel like this, its always a good thing to put your mind onto something else like watching a film, reading a book, going for a walk, have a bath or just listen to some music whilst your'e doing your housework, the important thing is, try not to dwell on it. I hope i have put your mind at ease and you understood x


Hi yes I have suffered from this my husband dead a couple of years ago and I felt dizzy when I got up in the mornings and detached or out of it - as if I was going a different pace to everyone else. The propanol is a betablocker I think which is for the panic attack and the other is the anti depression Ive had both at the same time the propanol is instant effect and the other will take at least three weeks to kick in it takes time to build up - and you will prob feel worse before you start to feel a gradual left on feeling less tired and sick . Stick with it should work - good luck


I've had health anxiety for getting on for 20 years and one of the kick-starts was a close friend dying of a brain tumour. I became almost obsessed with it and worried myself silly.


Hi.rachie. Dizziness is one of the most difficult of symptoms to cope with. When your world starts to go round what could be more disconcerting!! It is also a symptom that precipitates a lot of people into anxiety. If it comes when we are out it can be extremely frightening.

I can only suggest what I always do and that is to accept it for the moment. Don't fight it. That will get you nowhere and uses a lot of energy. Also a feeling of unreality can be very upsetting. Just try and go with it. It does pass although, when present, we feel it will last for ever!. Pills are very much a case of trial and error. Sometimes they work and for others it may be a case of trying different ones. I have no experience of the ones you are on but your GP seems to think they may be right for you. Look after yourself and come back soon. Best wishes. jonathan.


This sounds so like me. I am on citalopram, 20mg But I feel sick all the time, feel like my stomach is empty even when it's not. I worry all the time about being sick, that I think thats what makes me feel sick, but I can't control it. It's there all the time. Nothing I have tried has worked. I used to not eat, but then the hunger made me feel even worse.

I also have trouble sleeping, waking at stupid o'clock and then tossing and turning for the rest of the night. Then I feel so tired all day.

I don't know what else to try. Any suggestions.x


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