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I'm scared of never getting better

I had a c section 9/1/17, since then I've been admitted to hospital with a spinal headache; basically they punctured my spinal fluid, then after that I've been re-admitted twice with severe dizziness and feeling sick, feel like all my nerve endings are coming out of my body; I get fuzziness from my head, my ears, neck, right down to my feet; I've now been in the house for 7-1/2 weeks, the dizziness is horrendous, I've had 2 MRI scans, a spinal scan, a vestibular scan, all doctors are saying is there's nothing wrong, I've got loss of sensation in my left arm and hand too, I think I'm anxious, who wouldn't be after all I've been through, I can't take my 4 yr old to school as I can't drive due to dizziness, I can't do things around the house and finding it hard looking after baby, anyway .today dr had given me beta blockers, I have vestibular rehabilitation on Friday (hope this helps) but I honestly think I've got anxiety, awaiting a phone call from them to get an appt

Anyone else had my symptoms? I'm so scared, I just want to be the old happy me, not like the miserable person I've become, I've cut all friends off and can't find energy to do anything

Help ...

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yes! I have just came down from those symptoms , basically how it was put to me, that every TIME you have anxiety , you are getting these major adrenaline rushes , and your amygdala is constantly in use, you wear out your body by doing that... IT took a strong week for me to come down from those symptoms... Everything you are experiencing is from anxiety, and the ONLY way for that to come down is for you to find a way to accept and embrace the anxiety and let it run its course... Find time for meditation, and journaling... You will be able to get through this. Have you found a therapist?


Thanks for your reply, was u so dizzy and sick? That's the worst of all, the gp gave me beta blockers yesterday which has helped with the flushes but are making me even more dizzy, the nurologist has tile me to reduce the mg in the tablet so I'll get a lesser dose collected today

I'm also speaking to a councillor today

I just can't cope with this at all

I just want to be a proper happy mummy again


How did you do to get rid og these strange sensations we feel ?

Im having some Strange brain fog that feels like i cant think and im feel nervous and weird inside my head its like my brain is really slow.


Hi I've still got the symptoms of fog it's awful

I went back the hospital today they've offered me the blood patch 11weeks after my c section

It carries risks and there's no way of guaranteeing it working so it's a big decision

Do u know why you have your symptoms??


Well it changes the fog for me but most days it is annoying cause i get easily irritable. Why do you have these thing ? I have anxiety and depression thats the main cause.


I think min has stemmed from my c section as they punched a hole in spinal fluid which has left me dizzy and now I have bad anxiety from it


God you poor people I had really bad brain fog that didn't go till I had radio iodine treatment and after that it took a couple of months to clear. Still have afew bad days if I'm over tired. Drinking lots of water helps and taking cat naps if you are able


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