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Yawning ..... Strange feeling ?

I have been on Escitalopram for the past week. I've noticed that when I yawn I get a strange feeling in my throat. Kind of like an adrenaline rush. It sometimes feels like I am going to be sick but then passes after a few seconds. I've looked at the side effects list but it is not one if them. I did a google search and it looks as though a few people have experienced the same while in a antidepressant. Anyone here experienced this ?

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Thanks ! Nice to know its normal


Hey, I also had yawning whilst on Prozac

it went within a week or so. Its one of the better side affects from medication. it didn't mention it on my prozac list of side affects but dr confirmed it definitely is one.

Take care x


Omg I feel the same feeling !! I keep worrying that I'm going to be sick but then it goes away it's such a hard feelings b to explain !!


I am taking wellbutrin and feel it more in the jaws than throat but still just feel the strangest feeling.


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