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Strange feeling headache

Since yesterday afternoon I have had an awful sensation in my head like a tension headache but more painful. I suffer chronic tension headaches everyday due to tense muscles anyways but since yesterday I have also been getting a strange buzz like sensation in my head that last only a few seconds which makes my vision a bit blurry and feels like my brain shakes. My jaw is also aching but i think that is down to my TMJ which thank god I have an appointment for end if january.

I have recently upped my dose of citalopram but only by quarter of a pill.I’m trying to increase slowly.

Could this just be Tension?

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amanda19608. I too suffered from chronic daily tension headaches with migraines in between. As long as the headaches don't change in nature, you can address the pain in the way that suits your need. Whenever the pain or sensation changes, it is always best to call your doctor to have it checked out. I hope you feel better soon. xx

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Thank you Agora1. I’ll see how they go over the weekend and uf bo change I will make an appointment with my gp.

How do you treat your tension headaches if you don’t mind me asking? Just sick of taking painkiller all the time.

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i too suffered tension headaches which i hated as i didn't know what was causing them but thankfully they are rare now....i think because i found out it was my anxiety causing them i tend to relax more and when my anxiety is bad i don't tense my muscles as much and i make a conscious effort to relax my jaw my shoulders and neck muscles and for me it works..i also remember to drink more as dehydration can bring them on...painkillers are a last resort for me but i occasionally take Co-codamol if i can't shake it.

And getting someone to give you a good neck massage is a good idea....john.


No, no amanda19608, it can't be with painkillers all the time or you will start getting rebound headaches. I saved my strong prescription medication when I had the migraines and used other methods of relief for the tension headaches.

That could and did include, hot moist towels on the neck and upper shoulders, relaxation exercises starting from the top of the head to my toes. Releasing all the stress one body part at a time. Then there was meditation and deep breathing which I still use for the deep relaxation it causes me to feel.

I had physical therapy on multiple times when the muscles developed into trigger points that needed to be released thru massage and acupressure. Biofeedback worked, hypnotherapy worked, Reiki worked, talking therapy worked, Acupuncture worked. As you see I tried many different modalities and they all worked for a day or two.

The key is to continue keeping the muscle tension at a low level. By meditating each morning, each afternoon and before bed, you body will then get use to what being relaxed feels like . Taking medication for pain is not always the answer, but there are meds that can help lower the frequency of tension headaches that can be used. Usually they are in the antidepressant family.

It's horrible living daiy with one kind of headache or another. I wish you success in finding help in controlling them. I will end my lengthy response on a high note. One day, the headaches left and never came back. I wish that for you as well. xx



It could be the citalopram that is causing the headaches and strange sensations, I too suffer from tension headaches when I'm stressed and a strange buzzing in my head. It's best to get it checked out my your gp.

Jules x


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