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Fighting the anxiety

Well I've had one of those fortnights...2 weekends ago I was on my own as my partner was traveling for work and I developed a tooth abscess. It was one of the most painful things I've ever had. I ended up having an emergency root canal. I was a bit shocked and extremely tired due to lack of sleep and my chest tightened the minute I sat in the dentists chair. now 2 weeks later, I'm on antibiotics, and now full of cold with aching body and stuffy nose/head. All simple things but my health anxiety is trying its best to raise its head. I keep getting little chest flutters and that horrible feeling of doom but, I'm ignoring it. I'm going to make myself a cup of tea, read, and relax. It's such a bugger sometimes but I think you just have to acknowledge it's there and get on with your day.

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I couldn't agree more! Mine can do that when I'm a little worse for ware also, carry on going with those every day things and your mind will eventually realise it was worried and anxious over nothing.


I just find it so immensely frustrating as I've never been one to be bothered by being ill, I would just get on with it but now I have so many things running through my head. It almost tires you out putting up with it. It's completely changed me as a person. I feel like its weakened me a bit.


I'm the same.

As soon as a minor problem arises like for instance the car needs work on it, my health anxiety starts up with worry over pains or strange flickerings in my eyes or many many other things.


I know exactly how you feel. I'm on antibiotics for the same thing. I was in tears in the dentist chair last Thursday. Over the week I have had panic attacks thinking I'm going to die from some infection due to the tooth! I'm still in pain so got to go through with the root canal on Monday. I have seen my doctor twice and phoned the dentist up three times due to anxiety about my infection, every time they both say "don't worry your be fine" why can't I just except it? They know what they are talking about.

One thing I do know, I have made myself worse, I can see that

But I'm trapped by it.

I hope you feel better soon. Be assured your not the only one.

Why simple things like this scare us is a mystery


Hi. Oh you have my sympathy. It's so painful, and I thought the exact same thing, thinking something bad was going to happen because of the infection. I think my problem was I was self diagnosing on google because I was by myself. I hope your root canal goes ok on Monday. I got my first half done and that was ok but the infection is back so on more antibiotics and back in for second part in a week and a halfs time.

I really don't know either, and I don't understand how these fears can just occur when all of my life I've been fine.


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