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Hello I thought I was the only one that suffered from stuff like this going from sleepless nights to always thinking I'm going to die like I always have a pain in my chest I google things all the time and always think I have the worst case wrong with me I get very worried and scared I hate being alone I feel like I have no one to talk to my heart races all the time got it drummed into my head I have lung cancer and feeling faint and dizzy it's not nice it's totally taking over my life I just want everything back to the way it used to be I've even put it in my head I'm having a heart attack or a stoke it's a very horrible feeling I also feel like crying all the time and feels like I constantly need to cough the doctor seems to think I have anixity what does people think?

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Story of my Life. Sound like myself, every night when I'm chilled out I notice all my pains more and more and over analyse. Google symptoms convince myself I have a life threatening illness but I've been told numerous times by doctors I have anxiety I struggle to believe this but when I read all the symtoms off anxiety i can realate to my life, just try to chill and read more in to anxiety and not the symptoms, may put your mind ease, or try speaking to a gp for reassure. Hope your okay x

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It's the fact I'm only 21 and really scared of dying it's nice to have people to talk to on this site and to be honest I panic and worry all the time pains in my chest all the time it's horrible one minute I can be totally fine and the next I'm panicking and everything it really does scare me and feels like it's taken over my life it's horrible and thanks I will keep trying to be okay just hope it sorts out x

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i really do sympathise for you as im only 19 we are still very young and are meant to be enjoying the young days in our life but its like someones trying to make us worry and keeping our minds on edge 24/7 do you feel your anxiety is health related?

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Hi love, don't worry! Classic anxiety symptoms. If you look on Amazon for a second hand copy of Dr Claire Weekes books ( help with nervous suffering) it was written years ago so ignore the old fashioned phrasing. It's still considered to be one of the best book for helping people overcome an anxiety disorder. I was crippled with anxiety, I was so terrified of my physical symptoms I almost stopped functioning. This book was a turning point for me. She uses a very simple technique to end the hateful vicious circle of anxiety. Don't be worried if you have setbacks on your road to recovery, they are perfectly normal. Good luck! X

yep u described it :) all the same stuff i tend to have generally...i constantly cough to...its a dry cough...systematic almost...i think it helps my heart so i do it...i just hate when i feel really sick personally and makes me wana lay lot...right now im not laying thank goodness and feel half way decent.

Yeah it's a dry cough but sometime bring up green stuff and always have a dry mouth if I'm honest like

yeah i always have a dry cough...i don't spit up green stuff but yeah i get heart pains and palpitations and yeah been thinking lung cancer/brain tumor myself sometimes...butI did get a xray and they didnt mention antyhing... i just try to stay positive and think not that old i can fight this and if it is just all good...been dealing with this for 2 months now. you?

It's just new to me so when I'm getting a new thing wrong with me I'm instantly thinking I have something seriously wrong with me I'm new to all this so it really scares me my chest always feels tight I've went for a run but then just felt like a got worse after doing so today when I was eating was just feeling like my food was getting stuck and a chokey feeling

yeah sounds like panic attacks (Ive had my share of them and cured myself of them but now have generalized anxiety which is much more mild and less intense and long lasting///everyday for the last 2 months) maybe u got alittle sickness if ur spitting up green stuff, do u smoke? have u been to the doctor?

but as it says here: GAD (generlized anxiety disorder) is diagnosed when a person worries excessively about a variety of everyday problems for at least 6 months.

so im on month 2 to 3...still got time :P

If you think you have an anxiety disorder, the first person you should see is your family doctor. A physician can determine whether the symptoms that alarm you are due to an anxiety disorder, another medical condition, or both.

see mine is probably both a medical thing and anxiety...but i think i can beat it still even though i havent been able to pin down my medical problem yet....well i did find that i had a premature heat beat and palpitations but thats all...i think it might be more complicated but not sure.

It's just flem really like and I think mine is a tad extreme at the moment it's just learning to deal with it now witch is very hard

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And yeah I think that's what I've got suppose you've just got to give it time

yeah panic attacks are extreme and less long lasting but you could have both depends how long it last u take any medications? smoke? seen a doctor?

Seen a doctor also had the paramedics out and the done one of them heart things on me and said it was fine and said they think I have anixity and panic like and no I don't smoke and they give me anti depressants but don't take them

yeah it sounds like anxiety but u may have a little sickness along with it as it says here:

A physician can determine whether the symptoms that alarm you are due to an anxiety disorder, another medical condition, or both.

Mine are most definitely both, but anxiety can cause physical things and physical things can cause beating anxiety can only help you either way.

Yeah I'm going to try my very best to get over what ever this is thank you for all your help also

you know the secret i used to beat panic attacks...well in my personal case...i could feel them before they happened...i could feel them coming on...and i would make myself laugh first tries were pretty mechanical and robotic...but over time...they started to work...till the panic attacks came less and less...

when you laugh you increase dopamines and all the good neurotransmitters that make you brain feel good...and neutralize all the ones that make u feel scared ect...its hard to laugh during those times but it did cure me.

Well I will make sure I try that because these pains in my chest or so discomfort like it's horrible

where in your chest do u feel them?

Left side mainly but also in the middle across the top

you should go see your family doctor or get a physical said you didnt end up going to the hospital right?

No I didn't end up going

Also get heartburn a lot

personally i think it could be a simple cold, infection, virus or something if ur spitting up green stuff (not sure if you are or not) ...u should go to the real doctor and get checked out and maybe get some antibiotics or something they can give you to help you out...

me personally i get heart pains...right where my heart is...thats all small heart pains like a 3-4 on a scale of 10...basically nothing and not often but everyone's effected differently by anxiety...but if u spit green stuff up that should be checked out.

who gave you anxiety medicine if you never got seen by a doctor?

Hello my friend,

You're not alone.

We all have been through all this.

If you need to talk sometimes. Just WhatsApp me: +5521967600911

If I'm not in the middle of a panic episode I will be glad to hear you.

Have a good and calm day!


Thank you Mario

Hello Mitchie94!

You are not alone... I have felt the same during my panic attacks.. Chest pain, feeling faint and dizzy, make me worried and scared a lot.. Everything can be controlled with proper medication and exercise, you would be fine.. My anxiety is well controlled with my Xanax pills..

Anyone get pains in there face and head? And yeah I need something to control mine as it's totally taking over my life one minute I'm fine then I'm angry shouting crying and everything put it in my head in having a stroke constantly

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