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Has anyone ever had work induced anxiety


I have recently been having anxiety attacks which has been work induced. I am struggling to cope and they are making every way possible worse. I have been suspended from work for breach of something that is not on the policy. I don't know where I stand at the moment, I am worried that if my employers are capable of suspending me without justification then they are capable of sucking me. They are not following the disciplinary policy and union is not helpful to say the least.

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hi Heph, i am sorry to hear you are suspended, this stress does not help your panic attacks at all, try to relax as much as you can, don't over think it and wait for a response. they cannot just dismiss you unless it is gross misconduct, though they can suspend you from work (should be paid) until they do their investigations. make sure you get the contact name in HR who is in change of your case, and try again with the union, you might need them again when they call you for a meeting.

meanwhile just take it easy and maybe try to recall what happened and why they suspended you, so you can prepare your case when they call you for a meeting.

They cannot just suck you like that.

Heph in reply to rouri


Thanks a lot I am really trying hard not to dwell on it, what made it worse is that during the investigative interview the officer agreed that what he 'always' wanted me suspended for is not in the policy. He himself could not say what I should have done, everyone is doing the something that I did but why me out of all the staff. He told me that it potentially gross misconduct

I have been using CBT self help but now find it not effective anymore. Im looking for coping strategies, worry is killing me day and night.

a little tip to get you through when the attacks/anxiety kicks in try and let it just happen sounds scary i know but remember it will only last 20 min or so untill its over try it and see how you go

Hi Heph

Sounds to me as if your firm is leaving itself open to all sorts of charges of discrimination/unfair treatment etc etc etc. If whatever it is you are supposed to have done is NOT against company policy, AND everybody else is doing it, then they are discriminating against you in suspending you - which is illegal!

You need some good legal advice and, as you say your union hasn't been helpful, try the CAB - they have lawyers, some of whom specialise in employment law, and will be able to advise you of your rights. Also, look around where you live, some lawyers will give 30 mins free advice, to see if you have a case. I did this when i had a problem at work, and got the best advice ever - admittedly, in my case, it was "You're working for Adolf Hitler, leave and get on with the rest of your life!" - though jobs were easier to come by then! It was still good advice!

But do try the CAB, they are generally very good. You say you are using CBT, so - are you having MH problems anyway? If so, that may be why you've been "singled out" - which, again, is discriminatory and against the law!

Good luck, if you think I can help any further - I've been round the block a few times ;) - do message me.

Take care, and if the panic/anxiety get too bad, go see your GP.

Best wishes

Rose xxxx


Hi. Heph. You say your Union is not being helpful. If you have been paying your dues then MAKE them helpful. They should have lawyers to handle just this type of discrimination. That's what you belong to a Union for! BriarRose is right; your employers are laying themselves open to all sorts of legal problems. These days to try to sack someone for any reason other than gross misconduct is not easy. (And even that has to be proven). The CAB is good but give your Union a kick up the backside!! I am afraid in this political climate "Little Hitlers" are being encouraged. As Stewart says, just go with it. This is not easy I know but flogging yourself with anxiety and fear will not help the situation. (So tell me something I don't know, I can hear you say). ACCEPT how you feel but at the same time look at the problem as calmly as you can. You need help in this and you have to find someone who is versed in employment law. (Should be your Union). DO NOT TRY HARD NOT TO DWELL ON IT. Who wouldn't dwell on it! Just go along with it. I know, it sounds so easy but it is not; but it can be done. We are all shouting for you. Press on and let us know how you get on. Blessings and good luck. jonathan.

Hi All,

I don't know why it took me so long to join this forum I have since found it has very helpful people. Thanks a lot for the advise. As advised by Jonathan I have spoken to my union rep this morning & he clearly told me that my employer have the right to suspend while they do their investigation. I am trying my best not to dwell on this but its really hard to feel being a victim. Keep asking myself WHY! WHY ME

I will be contacting CAB for advice and once again thanks for all the advice. I will try and fight on though its extremely hard.

You should all try a thing called "Binaural Beats", these computer generated sound files are said to massage your brain and produce all sorts of effects, and are excellent for stress/ depression/ anxiety disorders. A binaural beat is created by playing a different tone in each ear through headphones, and the interference pattern between the slightly differing frequencies creates the illusion of a beat. It's completely safe and scientifically proven - google it!!

If you search the Internet for "binaural beats" you'll quickly find there's a whole industry built on the idea that listening to binaural beats can produce all kinds of desired effects in your brain. It can alter your mood, help you follow a diet or stop smoking, get you pumped up for a competition, calm you down, put you to sleep, enhance your memory, act as an aphrodisiac, cure headaches, and even balance your chakras;-)

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Hi. john80614. Should we now! All of us! Many thanks for your advice. jonathan.

BriarRose in reply to john80614

Thanks for this, John, sounds interesting! Will check it out!



Heph in reply to john80614

Thanks John, tried it last night from You tube


Heph..Build a strong case about yourself and write down what you did why you did it and who told you to do it that way? - certainly, I feel for you at the moment, and having a panic attack does not help with your situation. Get lots of advice from the solicitor or the CAB or talk it through with your friends and family. Stand your ground and admit you did not do anything wrong..Can the company prove what you did was wrong? Sounds like unfair dissmissal to me. LizM40.

I have anxiety which was triggered by work stress - I am a social worker and have come to the conclusion that my current role just doesn't fit my perfectionist personality. I have never had panic attacks and anxiety like I've had since beginning work. Have you tried ACAS - the provide advice about work issues and if you google ACAS they come up first.

Work have a duty to support you with your mental health under the health and safety legislation and to make reasonable adjustments under the disability discrimination act.

Can you try to get your union more involved? I know for somepeople they are very helpful.

Mainly, you need to really try to take care of yourself. Prioritise your health and wellbeing over work, every time.

I had such a stressful job and working in unpleasant, lonely, damp and dark conditions that my councillor said it was one of the major factors in kicking off my health anxiety and GAD back in the 1990's.

And the sad thing is it's still with me today twenty years later!

Last night I tried "Binaural Beats" which John advised although my mind kept roaming all over. This after I received minutes from the investigative interview and only to find out nearly everything I said has been changed or removed altogether. Can't believe that a manager can be that cruel and change something that was said in the presence of 5 people. Is it because I said i was not in my right state of mind and they thought they will take advantage of the same and will not remember anything I said. Unbelievable.....

Heph...did you use ones specifically for relaxation and did you give them at least 15 minutes with headphones before a difference was felt? they dont work "immediately";-)

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