Anxiety has returned!

Hi everyone, I have not been on here for 3 years as my anxiety has been better, but when I feel ill I still fear the worst. Yesterday I just did not feel with it. I felt like I had poor coordination and felt clumsy. Which made me feel very anxious. I've been thinking brain tumour, dementia, and so my anxiety was really bad and I felt very scared. Today I am just about to get ready for work and I am worried I will feel the same again. So just looking for a bit of support to get me through the day. Hope everyone has the best day that they can have. X


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  • Have a good day can do this...remember the times when that anxiety had faded can do it again...we all have relapsed from time to time...but we do overcome this....x

  • Thank you for replying. Yes I need to stay positive and strong. Hope you have had a good day. X

  • Hi Reenie,

    I'm afraid feeling like you have poor coordination and are clumsy just doesn't mean you have a brain tumor or dementia. A doctor wouldn't even run some tests with that report! ;o)  Too little to go on!!

    How many times did you lose your balance and fall? Run into something? Get nauseous, really nauseous, due to vertigo and ran to the bathroom but couldn't run in a straight line? 

    Sorry, you just had an "off" day, nothing special to be concerned about. You might as well go to work and forget about it. Do your best work today and enjoy yourself at work and when you get off work. Have a great day!!

  • Yes I know I am being silly. But anxiety is a very powerful thing when it sets in. This is what it does to me. I think maybe my hormones are playing a part in all the physical stuff. My shift at work was fine and I went to the mall after, I did feel very faint at one point but I didn't say anything and just got on with it. 

    Hope your day has been good. 😊

  • Hi Reenie,  I hope you are doing better today.  My best to you.

  • I didn't intend to make you feel silly. I was trying to take a lighthearted approach to the threat that anxiety makes us feel so that it takes the fear out of the threat. I know anxiety can be very realistic in the fears that it creates in us and I like to make them feel much lighter and not so threatening by using logic. I'm sorry if I made you feel badly or silly. That was not my intent.

  • No you didn't make me feel bad at all. 😊 and that is a good approach to take. 

  • Thank you I hope you are OK.  

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