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the media ! is it just me or do others see it as well

has anyone else noticed how the media covers very little of what is actually happening to the people of this country,seems everything is directed at what is happening abroad and the odd story of little consequence to most people in the country,when you watch the news next note just how much of it is irrelevant to what affects the average person here ,

the olympics,the american elections ,syria,egypt ,greece,spain italy,none of these are of much concern to me when i have just walked into the edge of the door in the dark,because i can no longer afford electrcity ,wondering what i could eat for a pound or less today or while sitting in the dark in my sleeping bag as not being able to use any energy for heating .

.who will i vote for as my local police commisioner to create another highly paid position for some already well off beurocrat?to be honest not one of them ! ,unless they were going to persue the people in power committing the crimes against the sick and poorer people of this country,i just hope peoples memories of the way they have been treated does not desert them when they are looking for votes and promising the world again,,meanwhile the media will continue to be directed to divert peoples attention away from whats actually happening in this country while all the dirty work goes on behind the scenes

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Hi roadsend, I do understand your problems with being poor and hungry. It is a sin . I came across this web site yesterday. Please look at it and ring them. It is a free number for most energy companies and I rang and got the actual grant! I was shocked as this is not publicised. Best of luck £130.00 not to be sneezed at in the middle of winter. It has to be used on power though , but it my take a little of your pain away in a practical way much love xxxxxxx


hi ella,

have spoken to the energy companies ,but as a single male with no children,is the usual story ,you dont qualify as dont get dla ,i did speak to a social worker who said you should be getting dla,and gave me a few places to contact but as usual they all came to nothing.i just feel so sorry for my old dog who must be feeling it as much as myself ,i know its time to let him go but as my only companion and friend for 17 years,mysister who i see every few months keeps trying to put me off taking him as she knows he is all that has kept me going ,but i know its just being selfish to keep him suffering too and he doesnt deserve that.

apparently the social workers report said i was making progress so she didnt need to see me again -case just waiting for the atos medical now and they will decide both our fates,how you are supposed to fight long standing depression and anxiety with fast advancing arthritic pain ,when too cold and hungry to to be able to do much i an not sure ,but am sure the people at atos will be able to perform a routine miracle and cure all this instantly so will all be irrevellant then


Hi love, If you are on esa or income support that is all they ask. They don't take dla into account but do want to know if you are having health problems which are made worse by the cold Please give it a go you may be surprised, I was. One tip.. which bitters my tongue to even type!!! Mention the arthritis first before the anxiety and depression. It seems they don't have it on their list of criteria!!! I do wish you well and the best of luck, bless that dog too...I swear my cats keep me going as I live alone too. Was it a while since you spoke or have you tried this link. I mentioned it to a friend yesterday and she got it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hi ella ,

spoke to them about a week ago ,each energy provider has their own interpretation of how they apply these schemes and their own criteria and unfortunately as usual ,none of them apply to someone in my situation ,am sure you post will help many who are unaware of this scheme though as i too only found it by accident .In my area you have to get dla as well , or have several young children or be over 80.


That is diabolical!! I'm so sorry you are in that position. I have dual fuel with British Gas and have pre-payment meters. I know they do work out more expensive in the long run but they were inherited and It would cost to get them out. More stupidity . xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


am well used to it now ,speak to all these organisations and people that provide help and you think just maybe you might be able to get some help with something and come away with a glimmer of hope that always gets snuffed out reality,always worked hard for over forty years and now paying the price for doing so,now my £71 a week pays my small mortgage and half my water rates so so long as i dont eat ,use any energy or pay anything else i can keep the roof over my head for a little while longer.any private firm running a scheme like national insurance would be prosecuted for fraud i think,


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