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Thought it was just me

is there any cure for this? Feel like there's a war in my head and I'm a POW. It's like I'm not myself and it's starting to affect how I interact and socialize. The worst part of it is my relationships with my family. I tried to tell my brothers and they just brushed it off like it's normal and they haven't noticed but I know they're just afraid to tell me I'm a weirdo. My sister looks at me like I'm on drugs and I feel like no one feels the gravity of the situation they've just accepted it or choose to act like it's nothing . But the truth is that it's terrifying. I've always had anxiety, ADD, and depression but they were like headache or something that was never serious I never gave thought too. I always thought people who suffered from this were weak minded but it's not the case my situation cause it's like my mind isn't my mind I know I'm stronger than this but it's just out of my control. I just to find balance. Any help or advice ? I don't have insurance so seeing a doctor is pretty much out the question .

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Hey friend thanks for sharing I'm sorry that you're are going through this. You can "cure" your anxiety disorder but it's a long road and takes a lot of effort. Even though telling people about your feelings is important part of treating anxiety disorders anyone who has never had it will never understand what you are going through. If you're ever searching for understanding this is the right site to be on also check out thomas hall sleep hypnosis videos on YouTube they've really been helping me. And remember it gets easier everyday but you have to do it everyday and that's the hard part. Stay strong.

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We will help you Chris-Watts. You are not alone and you are not going to go insane. By helping each other with comfort, understanding and support, we will go forward and not stay stuck or feel alone. I'm glad you found this forum.

One step at a time in how we can help. Taking in the whole spectrum of issues becomes overwhelming and frightening. You are safe now, you will be okay.


Thank you for that really means a lot to me. But it's much deeper than just the fact of being alone or anything like that. It's hard to put in words but I've seen many posts explaining something so similar to situation. I don't feel like talking will help any way but I'm not knocking it Bacause I haven't tried . I just need some type of exercise proven to reduce or maybe put the chemical that causes the anxiety into a dormant state. Is there any meds that could balance out all these chemicals in my brain and allow me to be if not regular something close to it . I feel like that's all I need after that and feeling some type of normal if the meds do help . I think I could manage with less thinking and working out and just staying occupied.


Chris-Watts, I understand. Many people don't find any benefits in talking therapy. It usually stirs up the emotions even more while looking for answers. Even with therapy, short term medication is usually prescribed. The meds used can be an anti-anxiety drug but more beneficial would be an SSRI, which is an anti-depressant. It works with both anxiety and depression. It can take from 4-6 weeks to reach full efficacy, but it will balance out the chemicals in your brain. As for a mind exercise, one would be acceptance. Accepting that these symptoms are not harmful but come from a chemical imbalance in your brain. Besides acceptance, I use deep breathing and meditation daily.

Dealing with anxiety is like dealing with the issues of alcoholism. It needs to be addressed. Learning different techniques/tools to keep anxiety in control will help calm the mind and body. This along with short term meds will bring you back to a more in control state, which is what I believe you are looking for.

Continue coming to the forum for support and understanding since we all have been through the same thing, you will never be put down or made to feel alone in this. I wish the best for you.


Thank you for the support and the support of everyone who responded. I was wondering if you could direct me on how to seek treatment ? I don't have insurance so it seems impossible. I hate to be dependent on drugs or pills but I know if I could just clear the fog in my head and feel close enough to myself I could hopefully man-up and push thru it. But for where I'm at now it doesn't seem possible to keep calm cause I have no control it's like my head get flooded I'm neverous anxious or idk what the word is but it's like I go on auto pilot when it does hit bad. But on the average day it just I just think too much like I'm stuck and can't stop thinking. Can't look people in the eyes cause they'll be able to see what's going on . It's so hard to hide . Idk what to do . I'm really feeling hopeless. I tried some type of anxiety pill before it made me feel good I was intentive and in control of myself but still not myself cause I was over friendly and talking more than I usually do. I felt good just had no filter. Can anxiety get so severe y it could kill you? I hope so


Hi Chris. You are not alone! And you are correct - anxiety is no respecter of persons. It can affect anyone. And people think you can just snap out of it. I have had it on and for over 20 years. My anxiety is the type that makes me feel not myself, scared all the time. I am on medication but I am also trying to look at alternative ways to help. Alot of our diet or lack thereof, can trigger anxiety.


Ive always had it thoe I got a lot of triggers. I've always been able to maintain . As I've read in the other posts I had an incident where I was sleep walkin talk and screaming (according to my family a scream that was surreal and horrying) next thing I know so wake up and I got several of my family members holdong me down. Which in a lot of cases similar to mine this same ordeal happened to all of me or something similar. Why is this happening?. I'm too strong for this .. what kind of meds helped you ?. Sometimes I'd just rather pass on instead of living and letting my loved ones see the person they once knew be stuck or die as some only else


How do the meds work? I just need something to clear my head up and make me feel some type of normal I feel like I could use strength to get me thru the rest


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