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do you think the media helps !!!!

I have health anxiety and I tell you what the media does not help me at all.I know we all need to be aware of symptoms etc but for health anxiety sufferers its a nightmare.I f I see an advert for anything I will have the symptoms ,my doc told me not to watch them or read the papers while Im like this as I have anxiety I store all the symptoms in my brain then as soon as I get a pain the stored thoughts come back and lead me into a dark hole.

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Absolutely! I'm JUST the same.

I can't watch any TV programme like Casualty or a factual thing on a specific illness as I'll retain all the symptoms the poor person had for later reference.

I'm like a moth to a flame where medical things are concerned and read the BBC News Health page every day, plus any links which pop up for specific illnesses.

Why do I torture myself - I wish I knew.

'Leave the bloody thing alone' my brain goes as I avidly click the next link on some bizarre disease like Blackwater Fever already thinking I have that same symptoms not-with-standing that I've never been to Africa or anywhere where I could possibly catch it!

If I happen to meet someone I know who's suffering with something as major as cancer to as minor as an ingrowing toenail I'll start to get anxious but at the same time begin assimilating all their symptoms from what they're saying for latter reference.

Utterly ridiculous behavior.


oo I dont read anything medical thats how I got in the state Im in bloody google


Ditto that entirely. This anxiety is awful, isn't it? I thought I was getting better but now seem to be going backwards. Sharonlou - it is so reassuring to know I am not alone in all of this. Everything that happens is a major 'deathly' symptom which I then Google and then assume the worst. How do you cope with the thoughts? My GP has done basic bloods which came back OK (mainly because I was panicking I think) but I am still not reassured; I keep thinking she has missed something........I just wish these thoughts would go away xx


Hi I fond it a constant battle making the thoughts go away.One thing you must stop doing is google its a definate no no,You got to trust your doctor and keep saying Ive been checked everything is ok


it is hard when there are ads and news reports all over the telly. i dont search the net anymore for symptons cos like you said it just makes you worse but in all honesty some symptons do go undiagnosed esp when you keep getting phobed off and told its all in your head with the anxiety, they should check you anyway to be on the safe side. x


I agree with you Sam Im lucky I have a doctor who always checks me he never just says oh its anxiety.


thats good to hear, i now have a really nice doc now who likes to be on the safe side. i had a doc for years who said it was all in my head and didnt even suspect, ibs, endo and pmdd! what a crap doc. x


well at least you one you can trust now xx


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