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Anyone tried NLP?

A lot of people seem to have or are undergoing CBT (including myself) but has anyone considered or tried NLP, the approach is about reassociating negative with positive thoughts with the idea that you create a positive self understanding is whereas CBT has some scientific credibility it's not so clear with NLP although its suggested by Anxiety UK as one technique to consider. One of my challenges are the negative thoughts and trying to become more positive, thoughts welcome

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Hi LVS1. Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, is based on the idea hat we are programmed to behave the way we do and that the programme can be changed. This may be fine for you and if so give it a go, but research it first. While I agree that we are all 'programmed' by life's events and act out according to that 'programming' I can't go along with the idea that re-programming' is going to help. But we can 'delete' the present programme.NLP seems like substituting one programme for another. Maybe a better more positive one but still a programme. We are not autonoma, we are, everyone of us, unique. We cannot be re-programmed like a computer. We are not mechanical beings. We were given the ability to think for ourselves, to have feelings, empathy, emotions. None of these needs altering. It is the way we misuse these things that cause problems. I refuse to be a robot that can be programmed. Blow that!! Just my personal view. (Yes I did try it. Not for me). Best wishes. jonathan.


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