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Hello all, I'm a new member on this particular site and have found it interesting so far, I've not read all the blogs so please forgive me if I am repeating things :-)

I think, most anxiety problems are usually from past negative experiences or from Significant Emotional Experience. I know about these as that's the profession I am in and have also had experienced with panic attacks and PTSD personally, all be it no longer have them.

I also think it's important to address these other wise you may not find resolution. You see, when we have had a SEE (Significant Emotional Experience) at some point in our lives, we then tend to naturally want to forget the whole experience, and it's kind of natural because our minds our trying to protect us by putting it way back in minds. However, now and again, the memory or SEE taps us on our shoulders and says..... hey remember me?? And then of course you remember it and off we go again, we start with anxiety, panic and our bodies react to all sorts of stress, such as headaches, heart palpitations and much more. Of course people react differently, but generally this is what happens. Now the reason why our negative memories re-appear is simply because our minds are looking for some resolution, or ending to it... which is good news!

Also, triggers too are also a factor. For example, something or someone might remind you of past events and then the mind and body starts to react to it and that might be the trigger. Then we may start to create phobias for ourselves, and this is common. And I'm not just talking about a spider phobia, I'm talking about social phobias etc.

It's really important to know about the mind and body connection, what we think in our minds has a say in how our bodies react and cope with it, so it's really important to address this. For example, when we are stressed... it increases cortisol, or high blood pressure, our cholesterol increases and our blood sugars increases. Have you ever heard this...

"calm down you will make yourself ill" well that's right it can happen. So this is why anxiety needs addressing.

Talking therapist are excellent (I'm not a massive fan of medication, however it has it's uses) and CBT is an NHS preferred one. But my favorite is NLP & Hypnosis. Now ok, you would be forgiven if you said "yes but this is your profession so your going to be biased" well, yes I might be... but that's only because what I do works!

I am a trained CBT, psychotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and coach and Master Hypnotherapist so what I do for people really works.

If you've already done this and you say it doesn't work for you, then ask yourself... did I really get to the root cause? This is really important. You see, you learn how to have a anxiety condition, so you can also learn how not to have one!

Remember you owe it to yourself to be well, free of anxiety and you owe it to yourself to feel amazing.

I look forward to reading other blogs on here, take care


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Hi welcome to the site lovely words x


thank you :-)


would love to do Hypnotherapy but its too expensive


Ask your doctor to refer you!


dont think he would at the moment as I am half way through CBT X


hi john wonder if you can help this all started twenty two months ago just keep in mind i have arthritas in my neck and spine anyway i was sat at the table doing a crossword i had to get up to prepare tea i got up and had a horrible funny turn room spinning round and i could not see my partner came in and took me to a and e on the way i started shaking and my heart beating very fast so when i got to hospital i was nervous wreck after waiting eight hours told me it was panic attack and go to doc i went to doc told him story he gave me 15 mg mirtazipine went back 4 months later still having bad dizzy turns and pressure in ears he then gave 30 mg i was not happy told him not panic went back again after 4 months he told me i had to see psyc i said what for dizzy spells i then changed doc went to another practise i was told to stop mirtazipine they did some blood tests and e c g heart a bit irregular but nothing major i have been referred to a neuroligist but long waiting list i am getting more anxious the longer i wait do you think this anxiety is normal because i am worried or could the first turn be a start of anxiety i await your reply


Hey milo

no problem!

You know it's really interesting that you know specifically the exact time this all happened... twenty two months ago. I can't even remember what I did twenty two months ago! so without mind reading you, so feel free to reject this if it doesn't apply to you... it does seem to have affected you.

The direct answer to your question... is it normal to be anxious because your waiting to see a neurologist? Just my opinion, and you have to realise I haven't seen you and I don't know you, but I would say it is normal to be anxious if you are waiting.

I had a very minor opt a few months ago and I was anxious, but I wouldn't say I had "anxiety problems" it was normal to be a little anxious. However, it really depends on what your interpretation of anxiety is. If the bad dizzy spells are still happening then I would say it's just best to wait to see the neurologist first. I know this might not give you a concrete answer, and in the meantime if you are still having these dizzy spells... reconise when you had them last time, nothing other than feeling dizzy happened and they pasted... so say to yourself, nothing's going to happen, it's just a dizzy spell and it will pass... say it as many times internally to yourself, as possible, talk yourself because the more you do this, the more your mind will react to it, however say this in positive terms for example... "BE FREE FROM BEING DIZZY, THIS WILL PASS, NOW". say it to yourself internally and repeat it. Don't say "I HATE BEING DIZZY" etc, because your mind will respond better in positive statements.

Remember what every the neurologist says, you can be confident you will be able to resolve this, especially if you know your root cause of emotion, so see it as if you are waiting to find out and know exactly how TO GET BETTER, NOW

Take care :-)


Remember... What You Think....

You Become!


thanks so much for your reply i will do exactly as you say thanks again for your help let you know how i get on x


Hi John i having problems with getting out of bed in the morning well all day due to panic cant beathe and feeling scared all the time hopeless .the doctor gave me some anti depresssants which made me feel sick for days so stopped taking them ,i cant go out my life is run by the panic .the doctor is coming to see me later on today to give me new tablets but im unsure i want them i just dont know what to do anymore i feel hopless .. Paula x


hi paula let us know what doctor said i am going through same but i dont stay in bed i have to have someone with me all the time thinking of you x


hi john went to enquire about reflexolgy today she told me it is very good for anxiety what do you think or are you not allowed to comment i will understand if you do not comment


No worries milo, I think anything what makes you feel better is good. I am a big fan of alternative therapy, whether it's reflexology, hypnotherapy or anything alternative... if it's make you feel better and improves your situation, then great!!


I think NLP is very promises so much but only 'if you work it', it sets people up for a fall, I made the mistake of taking part in 'the lightning process' and found it a very damaging and negative experience which gladly took a lot of my money without finding out if it was relevant to me, it cost £600, following the course I felt suicidal because it promised to deliver if I 'worked' it. I've also had hypnotherapy without results, I think it's also damaging to note on this site that you are against medication because you are not qualified to make these judgements and I don't think that as a practitioner, you should be advocating your particular methods...this site is for people who suffer with anxiety


I'm sorry you had a bad experience BlueGirl, one bad experience doesn't mean that it's all bad though. It's like saying I had one bad experience in a restaurant and I'm never going to eat in a restaurant again. The Lightning Process I don't practice at all, and it really doesn't play a part in our services, nor does it get spoken about in NLP... and I don't think it should. £600 for what specifically? I'm sorry you wasted your money, that's awful... did you do anything about it, I would.

Hypnotherapy will only work if you allow it to work. It's all about taking responsibility with this and if you allow yourself to relax and follow instructions it works. If you don't, it won't work. And it also depends on the therapist-client relationship too.

I'm not against medication at all. I don't think I said that. Medication can have it's uses. How specifically am I not qualified, qualified for what?... I respect your comments, regardless. I've had people come to me who have been on medication for a long time, and it's not been useful and made them worse and I've helped people sucsessfully get rid of their negative emotions.

I once suffered from panic attacks so I know what it's like. Would you prefer I didn't come on this site?

I'm in the business of helping people not to say do this or do that, it's just opinions and we all have them.

Thank you for your opinion's I respect them. :-)


i completely, completely agree. i had a horrid experience with an NLP "therapist" that i went to with a light ennui/malaise. The "treatment" resulted in a huge panic/anxiety flare up- i am so much more anxious than I had ever felt previously- and it took me to all new levels of OCD (such as having intrusive thoughts-i'd NEVER had before). I am so very against those methods. moreover, my "therapist" was claiming that my feeling suicidal was part of the treatment, and i was having "resistance" to positive change! awful, awful- and so unprofessional.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a similar experience because I was beginning to think it was only me - NLP is the biggest crock of rubbish...It's all to do with making you feel that you are not thinking right if you are thinking something...I've found meditation and mindfulness much better...NLP is very unforgiving whereas mindfulness is about being kind to yourself and not blaming yourself if you are thinking certain thoughts....I paid £600 for a woman telling me that if I conjured up the times in my life that I was really happy and sorted enough - that I would become that person...the course started with pictures of 'before' and 'after' shots of people in and out of wheelchairs...I finished the course..and tried to do the technique...because it felt it wasn't working and I was in the midst of a serious clinical depressive episode, it made me feel really suicidal...very very dangerous...I emailed the woman and demanded my money back...she couldn't give it back fast enough...


hi john please do not leave this site everyone can have an oppinion your info is very interesting especially as you have been there yourself x


Hi, John. I wonder what is your opinion about this approach to mind and body connection (see the clip). Can anxiety be seen as just another physical feeling which like a full bladder or empty stomach triggers specific behaviours (often unhealthy)? See this clip which explains better what I want to say


Hi kwadi, yes video sounds good. The video is a good example and it talks more about the cybernetic loop - what we think effects our body, what effects our body effects our mind. Basically, it all comes from the mind because the mind is the engine behind the machine. Even a full bladder and empty stomach comes from the mind because our mind is causing us to function as a whole and work as it needs to e.g., excreting toxins and salts etc or an empty stomach indicating that we need fuel for energy because the mind is fueled by glucose.


I dont think its necessary to get to the root cause of anxiety, in fact I don't think there is one single root cause. I have suffered from anxiety since I was 12 and I am now nearly 60, so for me it has been a long term condition which I have learned to manage. At the moment I am having a recurrence of panic attacks but I think it is because I have recently moved to a new area, am no longer working (I was a university lecturer) and in the last two years have had to deal with the deaths of my husband's parents and my own father. I feel my panic is worse when I am isolated and not involved in the world, then I become withdrawn into myself and self absorbed - thats when the panic starts and the battle begins!


just read all above comments and I do feel for you bluegirl, problem is you put too much hope and it turned up that you had a bad experience. everyone is sharing experiences in here and you have to do a lot of research and do what suits you best.

I have been experiencing anxiety all my life but severely a year ago, prior to that in 2009 had horrible headaches, went to GP and gave me some tablets and said my headaches are stress related, took them for a year and I become a strange person, angry/horrible/selfish/rude/ and I am the opposite, after I stopped them I felt that I am back to my old me but not perfect and with stress it trigerred my anxiety attacks, browsed the internet for the side effects of the tablets and turned up that they cause all of the above and anxiety, so my GP caused my anxiety, not directly but in a way, some doctors give you tablets and shut you up, don't bother asking you about your life style/diet/level of stress, they don't have time for that. obviously not all doctors but most of them. I turned to acupuncture and it is helping me, I am not perfect but doing ok but I do regret that I did take the tablets. the same GP went to asking him about a pain in my chest, he started talking about spot in my face and wanted to sell some products he did!!!!

just take time when you want to try alternative therapy, ask around, read reviews and then commit.

hope everyone feels better



Excellent post rouri

we do alternative therapy such as hypnotherapy, and I read most of the threads on here and the depression version and I have to say I think I could help all on here if we could... it's so frustrating. I don't like to see people suffer. I do get frustrated with the system such as the NHS. Don't get me wrong they are good when it comes to emergencies but 10 mins with a patient isn't going to do sod all. When we see clients we have the privilege of seeing them for 1-2 hours each week so I respect the GP's situation and it's not their fault... but I do think just handing out medication isn't the best thing most of the time.

Myself and partner have helped lots of people. Some people who have been in extreme states and we've helped people for free because we simply can't see them suffer. For example, I had a client who had extreme conditions... I won't go into it but they had them for about 18 months and it wasn't just anxiety. They had a team of NHS workers, they had seen 3 psychiatrists and the NHS asked us to help them because they didn't know what to do. We saw the person and after 3 or 4 sessions they saw fantastic changes. The NHS team couldn't figure out how or why the person had made remarkable changes. Now after 6 months with the person is no longer in therapy. They have their life back. They now are independent, looking for work a new career, now back driving when at some point this person wouldn't open their blinds. They come to us now for life coaching and this person is truly a great person and am so proud of them.

My point is that our alternative therapy, psychotherapy NLP what we do works and we get 100% results.

The mind-body connection is real. I just wish and hope one day that the NHS finally realise that.


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