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What have I gotten myself into!!

Just got back from my new job. Its at a large Resort here in town The place was buzzing with people So I go down to the production kitchen to meet my new work mates. My anxiety was ok until I met with Johnathan. He talks so fast I couldn't get half of what he was saying.(I wear a hearing aid) As i was being shown around the kitchen and J was explaining what I was to be doing my anxiety started to rise. The resort opens on May the 1st and they were already starting to prepare food for the opening.... On day one we have a full house which runs over 400 hundred people.... There is a banquet for 190 on opening day.... As I started to take in all this information I began to bring in my CBT training....I am so glad I bought that book... I have been in this kind of busy kitchen before.. and doing banquets is easier than doing individual orders..... We make everything before hand and then plate it as service requires..... But after 6 years of not working at this level of intensity I was getting very anxious... So ok I talk with the Chef and get my paperwork and I leave for the day.... Now if I had`nt gone through the CBT book I probably would be thinking "I can`t handle that" ... the negative thoughts that come with anxiety I can control a little better now because of the coping skills I have learned over the past few days.

In a new job its always that everybody knows what they are doing. But I have not a clue. So I would feel stressed out and would attach a negative thought to my lack of understanding... Like.... I am a fraud ...or I am stupid.... But in reality most of the staff there today have worked at the resort for years....How could I know as much as they do on my first day. So I blocked out those negative thoughts using the CBT techiniques. I am back home now and I feel ok But still a little jumpy. I am back in tomorrow morning for a full day of work... so I am sure it will be busy... but I know I can do anything they ask me to do. Trying not to worry about my being able to hear properly in a busy noisy kitchen I`ll be able to do it or I wont.. Just can`t get thinking to far ahead... In the moment is best...Bless you all steve

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Hi Steve :-) well done you glad the book is helping you seem in a much better place than you did 2 weeks ago good luck with the new job


Thank you. Still in a bit of a tizzy but hoping all will go well... steve


Hey Steve:)

That's so good to hear.

I'm so glad your day went ok and the book helped:)

I still go back to the book just to refresh.

If your interested Steve, there is a book from the same series called mindfulness. I use both books side by side which seems to help me.

I wish you luck in your new job:)

Hugs xxx


Hi Yummi. I have been watching different videos on both CBT and MIndfulness. I listen to the videos and go over the book at the same time. There is some overlap in both therapies. For me I need to be totally immersed in something to get the most out of it. I was feeling a little anxious this morning so I decided to take a quick fix pill to calm me down... I use them now just when I feel the need to calm down completely .... How have you been. Has your life calmed down a bit....much love steve

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Hi Steve,

I've been up and down if I'm honest.

I was feeling great but the last couple of weeks I've been waking up to the dreaded feeling of fear :(

I've learnt that when I feel like that, I get up and don't lie there worrying.

I'm really trying to find a yoga teacher in my area who can also help my daughter ( she has Tourette's).

I'm still doing my mindfulness and my dog walking business helps:)

Thanks for asking Steve, means a lot. Xxx


Hi yummymummy I know how you feel . Ive been waking up the same way , waking up to fear and im on medication


When I don't see a post I feel reticent to contact members Not knowing what is going on in ones life... sometimes an intrusion can be counterproductive... we all seems to come and go with our symptoms. I do feel that some of the members are going through things I may be able to help with constructive thoughts... I have been given so much love and compassion from members... I do want to help as much as I can...


Working with animals must be a great way to relieve daily stress I love dogs myself they are so loving....I guess your daughter is taking meds for her tourette`s syndrome.... you have a lot on your plate it seems... I am lucky in a way that I just have my own issues to deal with..stay strong.. much love steve



My daughter isn't on meds any more as she feels she can cope with her mindfulness. She has been on meds since she was 6,she is 15 now. She has been off meds for a year now and doing well:)

Yes I love working with dogs, they really do help to keep things calm. Xx


Well done steve !.

What a difference from the guy I spoke too , several weeks ago !

Im really happy for you ,, and I hope your new job goes well for you.

And as far as your hearing problem goes ,,, tell em to speak up a bit ,aint no hardship !!.

Good luck gods bless !.

You really cheered me up tonight !

Pete .


Hi Steve

Well done, sounds like you had a good first day at work it will get easier. Keep practising what you've learnt and you'll be fine :-) plus remember we're all here routing for you :-)

Jules x


Hi Steve,

It is so good to hear a positive post from you. After what you have been through, I am sure your input to help others will be greatly appreciated.

I wish you well in your new workplace, you will go from strength to strength now. I also think you are very brave to go into such a busy environment. I hope the job helps with meeting new friends and stops you feeling lonely.

Eunice xx


Dear Steve,

So pleased you are feeling more upbeat. Re hearing ask them to look at you when they talk to you as well as talking clearly. What is the title of the book you were talking about please?



Hi Steve,just read you post,I've been away had had no internet .Great to hear about the new job,and you seem to have coped so well.The book certainly seems to have helped.

Keep thinking positively ,sure all will be ok.Anne x


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