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Hey everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to say I am going through a really hard time with anxiety too. I went by the doctor today,with my fiance and she told me I have an anxiety disorder. I'm not on any medications yet since she wanted me to go for a blood test, which left me totally anxious since I've been obsessing About having a disease. I'm scared to do the tests still although I know it's anxiety causing the symptoms, it's just unbelievable. Everyday for the past couple of months I have been dizzy, short of breath, getting headaches, feeling nauseous and fatigued and feeling like I'm choking, my chest closes up and it's hard to breathe, sometimes I even black out. Hopefully I'll get some kind of medication soon when my appointment is called. My anxiety is getting worst and worst and it's hard to control things like my anger and irritability or on the other hand my sadness, depression and thoughts of never being good enough for anyone. Well that's all I can get out of me for now. And thanks everyone...


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  • Hi kyro your doctor is right you have anxiety and you are going through all the classic symptoms ,which i myself and I'm sure most of us on here have had at one time or another.the blood test is normal to rule out thyroid as this can cause anxiety or to check you are not anaemic. So don't worry about blood test.if that all comes back OK,the doctor can than get to work on the anxiety.you will start to feel better then ,anxiety causes all your symptoms. But there is help out there and I'm sure you will soon be feeling better ,

  • Thanks Alot. I hope I will be better

  • Check your diet, maybe your doctor is thinking it's possible you have mineral or vitamin deficiency. Blood tests aren't always about disease, and yes lack of certain minerals CAN produce depression, anxiety and mood swings.

  • Thanks for the info

  • OK thank you

  • Or poor you I was same abt a month ago was like that for abt 3 months had realy bad anxiety 24/7 I promise you it does get better if u want to talk just message me x

  • Thanks I will.

  • I am very sorry to hear how difficult life is for you at the moment. At least your fiance is standing by you. Sadly the medication you take is likely to need 3 -4 weeks before it takes effect. Until then, I can recommend the website getselfhelp.co.uk where you can find lots of helpful worksheets to counteract your anxious thoughts. It would be worth Googling "mindfulness" as well, both for the technique and for video clips. This bad period WILL come to an end. Try to be with people as much as you can. Isolation will make things worse. You may not be much fun to be with at the moment, but true friends will not mind this. Hope things improve very soon. Best Wishes to you and your fiance.

  • Thanks for the info and understanding

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