Can anxiety and panic attacks eventually leed to just breaking down and crying?

I've been having some serious panic attacks and anxiety for the past couple of months... I throw myself into multiple ones that last all day and into the night..I'm constantly worrying about when I'll have my next one, it's starting to get to the point where I can't take the fear of them anymore.. it's hard to enjoy life when all day you feel a sense of horror... My chest has been bothering me for awile and I get a choking sensation, I have trouble breathing, like I'm not getting enough air, followed by numbness and tingling sensation and dizziness and a feeling that I'm unreal or about to go insane... I know their harmless, but they are the most horrifying thing I've ever experienced, and it's day to day... I can't take it anymore.. Lately I've been having these episodes where I just want to break down and cry, but I never end up doing so, because I always fight it... I just need to know that iam not alone with this, and does anyone else experience this torture?? I haven't cried in years, so does anyone think it's best if I quit fighting the urge to cry, and just let it all out that the panic attacks will cease?? Is it possible that I just need a good cry?

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  • Hi TJT188, I cried every morning for 5 years straight. Never missing a day. I'd wake up to horrific morning anxiety and before even fully awake tears would automatically run down my cheeks. The fear, the dread of facing this everyday cause me to break down and cry hysterically each and every day. Whether at home or in the hospital, the crying was there. When waking up from medical procedures, first thing I would do is cry. One day it just stopped. Maybe I was all cried out but the one thing I know is that for me it was cathartic. I would hope no one would go through a long spell of crying like I had. Anxiety and it's symptoms are torture and it doesn't make us less a person by letting our emotions out. Your body needs that release, when fighting the urge to cry it just makes the anxiety build. I wish you well TJT, someday this will be all behind you. x

  • Thank you so much... It feels better when people tell me that they are going through the same thing... This is torture and all I want to do is live and enjoy a normal life... Thank you

  • TJT, it does help knowing you are not alone. It will happen, you will get to live and enjoy a normal life once more. You've got to BELIEVE..... x

  • Amen...May you find the peace you deserve my friend... God bless you... It helps alot to know you're not alone

  • Crying might actually make you feel better,i actually feel like crying myself right now.just staying contantly worried all the time gets to you,and builds up and builds up till eventually you feel like your gonna in the same boat as you,this has been going on for months and im pregnant which only makes it worse with all the horemones.its getting to were i feel like i just cant handle it anymore.its a terrible way to live.but maybe one day we will get better.if u ever need anyone to talk to just message me on here,id be glad to help.

  • Thank you so much... You don't understand how much that means to me.... This is complete torture, and I don't feel like the same person... Going to work is hell... I hope you find peace as well

  • I understand,i struggle to get out of the house,i cant even drive anymore bc ill have a panic believe me you are not alone.are you on any kind of medicines?

  • Not anymore... I used to be years ago... I'd buy xanax off the street... Never taking them again... The withdrawal symptoms from them are horrible

  • Oh yea i heard them kind of nerve meds are hard to come off of.which worries me bc im on klonopin and plan to hopefully come off of them someday.have you tried any antidepressants?them seemed to help me alot.

  • When I was a kid I was put on Prozac and then later on put on paxel... They did help alot. I was eventually taken off of them gradually... I've also been on seriquil and the pink klonopin.. I'd rather beat myself in the head repeatedly with a ball pin hammer, than take seriquil talking with you helps ease the attacks, it's good to have someone to talk to that can relate.. you'll get through this too,we will help each other... Everything is going to be ok..😊

  • Well im glad i can help :) maybe going to the doctor and trying an antidepressant will help done wonders for me but had to come off of them untill i have the baby.which is why i think my anxiety is back,and theres nothing i can do about it untill she comes.

  • Congratulation your baby..I have two daughters... I try to talk to my fiance about what's going on with me, she's there for me, but doesn't completely understand how it feels... It's good to know people aren't alone with this torture... We'll get through this... I hope you have a great day and anxiety free, if you feel it comming on, just remember that it will pass... Thanks again for listening, it really does help

  • Its good you have someone there with you to talk to.i hope everything gets better for you!

  • If you ever need to talk, you msg me at anytime... I'll be there for you

  • Thank you!the same goes for you.

  • Hello TJT188!

    Man alive! Do I know this struggle or what?😳 It really sucks so bad! Your own mind is your worst fear! People don't understand when you say that! Normal people are afraid of heights, or spiders. Us, we're afraid of our own minds! Our minds are powerful! The fight or flight that we experience everyday is the worst! I have found that breathing techniques REALLY help! Lie on your back.. Tense your toes and whilst doing that count to ten and breath in with your diaphragm. Breath out and release the tense toes whilst breathing out.. Do this with every part of your body until you get to your face. Do this three times and you will feel how relaxed you feel afterwards! Praying also helps me a lot. I am not going to give my subconscious the power to pump that adrenaline into my heart to make it pump fast and for me to think that I am having a heart attack.. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for! We just need to accept that this is our struggle and instead of trying to flight from it we need to fight it! Strongs my friend!

  • Yes sir!! One day at a time brother... Monday morning I'm calling my doctor first thing... I'm trying to fight brother,I'm doing better, but still having them on a daily basis...I need someone to check in with everyday, until my doctor appointment... Brother, will you please be my coach through this... I need someone to talk to.. I know panic attacks are harmless, but they don't seem like it... Do you feel detached from reality, as if you're not real, feeling like you can't enough air in your lungs, have to breath heavy at times, feel like you're going to pass out, dizziness, numbness and tingling sensation in the hands, feeling like you're going to lose control, and the worst one of them all, depression?? That's me to a tee...

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