Think I'm gonna go to the ER. Someone please respond 😰😭

Lately I've just felt weird. Like idk if I'm having anxiety or what bc when I start feeling like I would if I would get anxiety... it's like it doesn't escalate. Like I feel all the feelings of an anxiety attack but then it's like it stops... my heart never races... my bp doesn't go up... idk it's weird. Normally when I start feeling anxious I would check my heart rate and it's around 100... now it's around 70. But I feel all weird like my hearts gonna stop and in between my shoulder blades are burning and my jaw and neck burn. πŸ˜₯😒 so tired of this Having a bad night

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  • I think I'm gonna go to the hospital. What the heck is wrong with me 😒😭😭

  • Hey hun if it will ease your anxiety go get checked out. I too was just in the ER today over mouth and throat issues due to anxiety. Which I found out my lymph nodes were actually swollen and was prescribed prednisone. I know it sucks I want to feel normal again!

  • Thank you. I'm just afraid I'll go there and they will say it's anxiety. And probably ask me why I'm freaking out that my heart rate and blood pressure isn't up during "anxiety". Idk I just feel off.... I don't feel like my normal self it's weird

  • Yes I know the struggle all to well. I've had anxiety ever since I've been 15 and now I'm 33. So I've always felt like doctors would blame my anxiety but it's always better safe than sorry.

  • Does your heart rate always go up with anxiety

  • I've gone with absolutely no symptoms because I also just didn't feel well, and they ran all the usal test and everything was fine. I needed that peace of mind though, so if you feel like you need to go, then go.

  • Thank you. I hate being like this

    I've been doing so good, this sucks

  • Have you managed to calm down at all? I can be anxious and have a heart beat in the 50's

  • Yes I'm calm. I'm just so depressed about this... idk what to do anymore. Where did my life go? What the heck happened to me. I feel like if it weren't for my kids I'd have nothing to live for... and I can't even believe those thoughts are in my head 😒

    I've done so so good. Idk..

  • Thank you guys so much for responding.. it means so much to me.

  • Do you still feel like going?

  • No I don't guess I am. My husband kinda talked me out of it... I've had so much done and checked out... I'm probably okay πŸ˜•πŸ˜ž

  • My husband is very tough on me when I want to go to the ER, which is almost every week, I usually get upset and cry but once the anxiety passes I thank him. I've had tons of test done as well. I need to start believing the doctors. They're the experts after all.

  • I would have your doctor check your heart first !!! It's better to be Safe ! I once thought I was having a heart attack! Heart beating fast, Chest hurting, heart palpitations n sweating . Found out it was

    Just a panic attack. They refer me to a psychologist who helped me with

    The breathing, etc. but unfortunately

    I am taking medication n I gave No Regrets !! You will be OK , your body is telling You to slow down n not to Get stressed out ! I'm doing great!!

  • I've had ekgs.. heart monitor and also an 48 hour heart monitor πŸ˜• Everything was fine then. I always get worried about my heart I think because I've had a valvle repaired on my heart when I was born. I have a big scar along my shoulder blade and rib that causes me discomfort bc of the scar tissue.. it was performed 24 years ago. The discomfort wraps around to the front of my chest and it then scares me bc all the symptoms together feel like cardiac rather than muscular.

    I need to call my orthopedic doctor again. He might be able to help me sort all this out.

    Anyways Everything about this "anxiety" sucks Thanks X

    Sorry I'm just so over this πŸ˜’πŸ™„

  • Everyone who posts on this site only ever has all tetsvand examinations normal.

    I've never seen anyone with a significant abnormality post on here.

    So if you've registered for this site, then you should be reassured!

  • Go see your doctor. Get meds that will calm you. Once anxiety starts it may double over on its self. Creating panic.

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