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Hello everyone

Well my friends anxiety and panic have cane to visit again. I have barely left house in weeks...i don't feel safe at any time. Don't go out unless someone is with me ... when will folk like us stop suffering. Every day is such a struggle and I'm so so tired of fighting and pretending " I'm ok". It's so overwhelming at times. I could just curl up and cry. I wake up and literally wait all day to go to bed .. cause when I sleep I feel nothing xxx

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I don't think anything has triggered it as such. It's just constant xx


I’m so sorry ur feeling this way all the best hopefully it will get better or u on any meds

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Hi Mrs B, good to hear from you on hear but not so good to hear how you are. Drop me a pm if you like x


That's the problem with anxiety, doesn't always need something to trigger it. Don't think it ever really goes away, it's just a case of finding a way through it when it does. Never ever easy though. Good luck


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