Panic or Bipolar/depression?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I have experienced panic attacks throughout my life but within the last few days they have hit me extra hard. And they might happen for several hours and then stop only to return the next morning. In between these attacks I will have moments of great calm and no worries at all. I'm wondering if this is more than "a coming and going of panic", or is it more of a manic/bipolar thing. It got bad enough that I wouldn't leave the house. If anyone has advice I would appreciate it. Thanks.


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  • If you're manic the calm doesn't come. Your panic is replaced with increased energy and no need for sleep or rest. You feel like you can do anything. Then, on the opposite side you're unable to move or do anything. It sounds like you have GAD and that your panic has gotten worse because of stress, a trigger, exhaustion, a cold/flu, lack of food, or focus on the panic.

  • Yes, I have been stressed out and have probably turned my attention away from the fact that I used to deal with panic all the time, and severely. So this sounds right. Another thing I am trying to do is drop all caffeine. I drink quite a bit of Diet Coke. I do have one more question, I take pseudoephedrine in the form of Alevert for my sinus'. Should I drop this as well? Thanks.

  • Sinus medicine can make you jittery for sure. Benadryl is a type that will not..although it's more for allergies than for sinus congestion. You might try a nighttime sinus med to avoid the jitters. Talk to your pharmacist about what meds don't cause more anxiety, because many do.

  • I'd consider talking through it with your doctor, sounds like bad anxiety, the bipolar thing is questionable, you would need advice from a health professional in order to get a true diagnosis, but whatever the outcome, there's many fellow sufferers here who'll support you by listening and sharing their knowledge with you, hang in there n get an appointment made to see the doctor, xxx

  • Thank you so much👍

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