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Social anxiety dissorder?

Hi I'm from Leicester, England, I'm nearly going to be turning 30. I've always been labeled as "shy" ever since I was a child, but growing up I've realised its more than that, I HATE being around people, I always feel like there judging me, I won't answer the door unless I am expecting someone, I won't answer the phone unless it's somebody I'm close to. I avoid all family get togethers. It's getting me down! from what I have been reading I feel that I have social anxiety dissorder, and it's ruining my life! Is there any help atall that's available for this?

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Hi, I'm from Leicester too. Yes you can have CBT for social anxiety, speak to your doctor and he can refer you and give you a form to fill in or I think you can fill it in online here:


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Thank you


Same with me like I hate being around ppl and I can't make eye contact with nobody I just get nervous alot and I don't like answering the door for No one I just call my mom idk what it is I just get really nervous doing so


And I'm 16 btw


Hello .. I'm from this neck of the woods too... Tho slightly older!!! I think cbt, could be good for you .. I don't personally have a social disorder but I hate lots of people around, also hate get together and make excuses not to go to social events..I think its can be a confidence thing ..and a wanting to be accepted for who you are .

Hopefully you'll find help through this site or your GP , good luck.


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