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sorry i have not been on for a while had a new gas system fitted what a mess and they have had to come back three times and still not working properly HELLO to all new members i have been rough last few weeks all physical symptoms cant relax at all cant sleep feel like i am going to faint all the time still losing weight and my hair falling out in clumps has anyone else had this will it grow back it is now two years since i had my first panic attack and nothing i do will prevent me from thinking about it as soon as i get up i feel useless dont know what to do i am writing this crying my eyes out x x

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glad you're back. sounds like you've had a stressful time, no wonder you feel like you do.

try to relax and take things ten minutes at a time.




Hello Milo sorry to hear you're not having it good. I guess having your home upside down isn't helping. You are not useless you have anxiety the great deceiver, don't let it play tricks with your thoughts. Are you trying anything to make you relax before going to bed? Bath, mediation, reading, breathing exercises.... You know what works best for you but I know it's so difficult to make that effort as it can feel like it's just not worth the effort. That's the great deceiver anxiety at work again. just to chocolate, tot of brandy, grating of nutmeg is my thing!


THANKS FOR REPLY hollow i have chocolate no brandy or nutmeg does it really help you to sleep SANDRA thanks i do try the ten minute but it does not work for me but i will keep trying thanks again x x


Hi Milo, yes it does or chocolate ovaltine (not the plain stuff urrrgh)


chin up milo1,carry on we must,anxiety and depressions on the increase,i read today,help for such maladys is improving, (hopefully)....


THANKS GORDON i will look this up xx


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