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What is the point of it all ?

I cant smoke cant drink cant eat I have had an absolute guts full. I am dehydrated gasping for a fag tired fed up messed my new laptop up plus it now costs a bomb to keep things up to scratch. Cant and will not go on like this. Really I feel there is someone watching over me taking the piss. Laughing and boy can I be a nutter when I kick off. Everyday there is something ready to smack me down. I am so thirsty right now. Got to get out and breath before I end up doing something insane.

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Dodo, please don't do anything rash.   I think not having enough medication over

that weekend is causing your rebound depression.   Maybe you haven't enough meds

in you to stabilize your condition.  That would make everything look bleak and hopeless.  I hope you went out to get a breathe of fresh air.    Clear your head so

that you can think more clearly.  


Yea I went for a 20 minute drive done some screaming and why me I do feel low but I think its dehydrated cant smoke those vapors because its irritating my esophagus low blood sugar messed my new laptop up haven't eaten for days I just finding it all building up to way to much coping levels. Other things are going on but dont fancy saying what at this moment. Just so much crap happening. 

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Sorry Dodo, I fell sound asleep watching tv.  I'm glad  you wrote.  I was worried.   I hope driving  and some screaming let that frustration out some.  As long as you were driving safely.  Gee dehydration, low blood sugar from not eating for days would put you at the edge.  Sounds like there are other issues making matters worse.  I am so sorry Dodo.

Please keep contact on here if you can just to let everyone know you are safe.  I'm worried  you will end up in the hospital if you let this go on too long.  w/o eating and hydrating.  I hope your pain level down your throat stops burning.  We're here if  you need to vent. 


thinking of you and hoping that you are okay. Most of us have been there and know what you are going through. It's hard but you hang in there


Hi I often feel the same as you , what's the point of living . I've lost my husband and dad broke my shoulder in 5 places and have a metal plat and screws holding it together . On constant pain killers and still have to work a bit which is very painful . But please try and not give up live from day to day as I do and when you can't go down any more the only way is up . You are not alone there are many people who feel like us x


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