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I ve been off work for 4 months.anxiety panick attack agorophobia and claustrophobia were taking my life away.i had cbt and medications.. I had to start looking for a new job cause me and my partner Coudn t afford it anymore.I didn t want to go back to work cause I was happy at home but at the same time I like to be indipendent.I been offered a job and everybody was congratulating me but I wasn't impressed lol!!not happy to have found a job.I started 3 days ago..I m not sleeping well and I have palpitations inthe morning.Yeaterday was the first day that I was ok.I suppose I ll have to get use to work again but at least there s not pressure on me or big resposabilities like in my old job that drove me mad.I still got lots of work to do on myself..still struggling on trains,scared to have panick attacks,or scared to go back on airplanes...I will have to stop too see my therapist cause I'm working long hours,I ll try to carry on by myself!few months ago I was even scared to go out of the house or be inside bymyself..I ve improved a lot so I might be able to carry on..hopefully ;-)


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  • You have improved so much! well done you! I wish only the best for you xxxxx

  • Starting a new job is a massive thing! Well done!

    The only way is forward, and thats what you are doing x

  • CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW JOB look how far you have come it is all good news you are going to feel a bit jittery for a while but hang on in there and remain positive i wish you all the best please keep us posted x

  • Well done! Keep it up ! Don't give up :)

  • Thank you all!!hope I ll will improve even more in the future ;-)

  • Glad your off to work a big step that you've taken it may take a bit of time to get back into it I hope you get some good mates and have some laughs all the best .....Mel

  • Hi Mel

    My job is fun but physically exausting!I hope to get use to it again and quickly,lol!!;-) the last hour of my shift is the hardest I feel I don t have any energy left but I ll keep up!thank you for your support ;-)

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