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Hello I am starting a new job tomorrow and I am so nervous :( I suffer from anxiety and had to leave a job before because of it (couldn't handle the responsibility) I am scared it is going to happen again :(. I start at 9:15 to 6:15 tomorrow (first ever time doing a 9 hour shift as well) which i am also panicking about I don't know how I am going to cope, part of me is really excited and the other half is really scared and really don't wanna go but I need to stop running away from things and face them head on any advice please ? .


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  • Honestly, you will be absolutely fine! Fake it til you make it :) Put on a brave face, keep yourself busy. I found the best way to deal with my Anxiety, was simply to not deal with it at all! When you feel anxious, acknowledge it, don't try to fight it. I know it's easier said than done, believe me it took me a long time to master it! I also found looking at other people and telling myself "to them, you look fine. No one is staring or making a fuss, therefore you are fine". This is your journey, embrace it, anxiety will only make you stronger! Good Luck at your new job :)

  • Thank you I think its the long hours that I am worrying about x

  • Don't stress too much about the hours, at first you'll be really tired and your anxiety will play up a fair bit but stick at it and it will get better! Trust me, I went from not working a few hours a day to 8 hour days and it has helped me so much as you're keeping yourself busy therefore you have less time to think about being anxious! x

  • Ok thank you i hope i don't get bored either as i do 4 hours in a charity shop for 16 hours from 1-5 and I really really enjoy it but ik working in a big retail sector will be different x

  • You'll be gaining some experience to say the least :)

    I'm sure you won't get bored, they will have you pretty well occupied being a newbie. I'm sure you'll do just fine :)

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