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New job

New job

Hi everyone

I hope I've got this right, so please bear with me being a newbie!

I've started a new job and looking back over the last 25 years of being employed, every time I've started a new job or had a big change I go through hell and back during the first few weeks. I feel very sick, very anxious, ready to cry and walk out of the job at any time. In fact, twice after 3 days and 8 days in different jobs I've done just that. Now I'm 47 its quite a senior HR job in a business, I've got to deliver very quickly and it is so stressful and exhausting just getting to work and existing never mind doing the work. I really don't want medication and I know it will get better over time but its the worst feeling I can think of. How can I make this tension and anxiety go away or at least manage it please? I would really appreciate your help in any way.

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Hi & welcome

I suffer with anxiety & one thing I have noticed is I don't like changes &don't cope or accept them very well

It can be even in the simplest of things , like having a different TV , I want to stay with what I no it feels secure that way

I have not been in your position though , but could imagine if I was I would feel the same way

For me when I am feeling this way , I try & stay in the day, not allow my head to think to far in front , that way it takes the pressure of me & keeps the anxiety down

Someone will come along & may have better advice that has been in this position

Just wanted to say hello as for me when joining this site , which is great by the way , it was so important to no someone was there & replied to me





Dear why why, thank you so much for replying, that makes a lot of sense and does really help - to be honest just getting this down on paper has made me feel a little calmer - xxx


I no writing things down does help

As people get up & come on , like I said , there could be even better advice

Keep talking on here , it does help



Hi there,

Starting a new job has got to be one of the most anxiety causing situations there is, Ive always been nervous first few days or weeks, you dont know anyone your in new surroundings its perfectly understandable to feel like that in my opinion.

Just remember how much youve achieved to have been offered this job in the first place youve applied, gone through the horrors of the interview lol and not only survived but are the best person for the job!!!

Theres ppl here who can give you good advice on how to cope with the anxiety, good luck in the new job x



Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves and expect to be superhuman. I think anyone starting a new job would be anxious, even more so if it is a position of responsibilty, but any job really. This would be stressful to a 'normal' person so don't be too hard on yourself. My psychologist told me to break things down into small steps and not to look at the big picture as it is too scary. This advice has helped me in many situations.. So, small steps and don't be too hard on yourself. You are obviously the person the company wanted for the job, so have some faith in yourself anf go get 'em. All the very best. xx


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