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I'm freaking out!!!


arghhhh crap... well my anxiety is all based around my heart and only my heart...

I'm having this burning sensation in my tummy to my upper abdomen and I keep thinking I could be having a heart attack only because I've read stories of people having "heartburn" or pain at upper abdomen as a symptom of them having a heart attack..

I also have costochondritis, my ribs are really stiff and hurt and my sternum cracks and pops when I stretch and it hurts practically all the time..

I am freaking out!!! I'm literally thinking I'm having a heart attack right now but if I was, I'd be dead by now right? I've also heard that some people could have a heart attack and not even die or even know... I'm so worried at the moment..

my doctors told me my heart is fine, and I'm trying to think rationally but it's so hard or I'd think the impossible to be possible.. please someone help!

I'm afraid that my heart suddenly went into a heart attack, the vessels got blocked... I know my blood cholesterol levels are very low, so my doctor tells me from a blood test results but arghh I would literally look at the clock for hours just to reassure myself that I haven't died...

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Hello there sounds like your having a real rough night :(

Your not alone tho

I have real bad health anxiety and of course mine is my heart. I'm constantly worried there is something seriously wrong with my heart and I'm a 32 yr old single mom to a 3 yr old lil girl so it just breaks me to think there could b something seriously wrong with my heart even tho drs tel me I'm fine.

Deligirl in reply to Pink1181

Oh my God! this is so me. I am 33 and my son is 3 also. I have the same issues.. I am currently on Citalopram but I dont like how it makes me feel. The dizziness and chest pains have eased up but I keep feeling spaced out like I am outside of myself. My head feels light but I am not experiencing light headedness or dizziness, just a weird spaced out feeling. I pray alot and that helps, if you believe in God its a good idea to pray. Prayer and breathing exercices, sipping on warm tea has been helping me. Also talking to a close friend or family member helps.

thankyou for getting back to me!

it's crazy that our mind can have such an effect on us like that!

I hate no matter how hard I try to convince myself I'm fine through all the professional reassurance from doctors, I'm still able to cause myself to freak out!

I'm seeing a psychologist about all this and even then it's hard, all this only started for me 2 months ago and I already find it hard to deal with, everyday I want to go to the hospital to make sure I'm fine...

I find that going onto forums like these, it really helps with it all to know that I'm not alone! especially since none of my friends are going through this (they don't really understand what it's like)

It must be very tough having anxiety while also being a parent! I can't imagine the increased sense of worry you would have along with the health anxiety already!

Pink1181 in reply to ngyyyisex

Oh it is tough. It's terrible actual. Sometimes I wonder how I keep going. I have so many anxiety symptoms as it is and pretty much on a daily basis I feel sick weak sometimes lightheaded it's a very nasty thing and then the constant worry of my heart with the racing/pounding palpitations low heart rate I'm constantly worried and so tired of it :(

Burnsey88 in reply to ngyyyisex

As long as you have been checked out and the doctor cleared you of heart problems , it is pure anxiety and panic. I live with it too. I have a great psychologist and a great starring place for you to read "at last a life" by Paul David. I got it on my kindle and read it immediately it helped me from day one. Anxiety presents itself differently and can truly make you believe you are dying!! I am two years now and practice acceptance excercises which minimizes the reaction I have to anxiety now. The more you try to avoid and control and ruminate over what it could be the bigger and worse it gets. The book will explain that. I wish you luck!!! I don't wish it on my worst enemy and no one can understand unless they have felt it. Xoxo Stacey

have you ever considered the use of anti-depressant medications for the anxiety??

how low is your heart rate?!

I also have heart palpitations, but not the racing or pounding.. I have an irregular heart rhythm (pvc's) that I believe have increased from the anxiety itself. I also only get racing and pounding heart beats when I'm having a panic attack!

I think it could be from a disorder called somatization that is developed from anxiety! I had no idea about this until one of my friends told me about it as he studies psychology at uni!

Burnsey88 in reply to ngyyyisex

They didn't work for me they all made my heart race which is my main anxiety trigger. I keep Xanax on me at all times. I don't take it much it is just a comfort knowing if it gets away from me I can take one and be 20 minutes from peace and calm again

Pink1181 in reply to ngyyyisex

Wel I have constant anxiety so I feel like crap most the time and I guess it's not a low heart rate but a low pulse sometimes it's not as strong. My dr sai people with anxiety have this. Yes I've tried cymbalta had a severe reaction to it then I tried citalopram it seemed to work for the first few days then just made all my symptoms worse so my dr prescribed me Efforex and also lazopram but to be honest I'm terrified to even try them :(

You are definitely not alone in this. I also have anxiety attacks because of my heart (among other health issues). My heart rate is always fast and I get that tight feeling in my chest and feel light headed and short of breath sometimes when I'm sick or just scared for no reason really.

It's more likely to happen when I'm not sure why I feel so sick, and especially if I'm alone. (Don't have anyone who has this so that makes it worse)

I usually have to just lie down in the quiet and close my eyes and basically focus on my thoughts (like being my own thought police kinda). I imagine gathering the bad thoughts and putting them in a closed box and putting it away, then, I focus on only rational type thoughts. And when the bad ones try to sneak in, I push them out and get back to the good ones. And just keep doing it for as long as it takes to calm down. Also, thinking while breathing 'inhale good-exhale bad ones out.

Sounds stupid, but I do it, and it helps.

Hope this helps you a little bit and you feel more comfortable soon. :)

Sounds like we have the same anxiety symptoms. My anxiety is all over me thinking and worrying there's something wrong with my heart even tho drs say I'm fine but I'm not convinced

I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage 9 weeks today which has left me with constant fear of dying. I won't eat set food as feel like it gets stuck him then the chest pains start abd the anxiety causes this apparently. I had one ECG in hospital and chest xray and all was good but some days I can wake up with chest pain and convince myself this isn't right. I now take tablets stood up to avoid the. Chance of pain ... Crazy eh xx

Not crazy at all. I used to get that "stuck food' thing and would do all sorts of things like avoiding certain foods or standing up or leaning back in my chair when eating to try to avoid the 'Stuck food pain'

I didn't even have a clue that it was anxiety related till now.

Once I even had to have a tube with a camera inserted down my throat because I had taken a birth control tablet without water and it had kinda scratched or irritated my Chest/throat, but I was totally convinced that it was somehow stuck. Now that's crazy. :/

Stupid anxiety. xx

Hi :-) sounds to me like just acid reflux....which is easily solved with heartburn meds...,how do I know this? That's the issue I have. My stomach causes too much acid which burns a lot of the time. It can cause so many issues...try gaviscon or peptobismol

Been in that place of pain, where anxiety will make it worse. Whatever u do to calm yourself. Do it now breath slowly, go to a safe place of pleasant thoughts, pray out loud til it gets in your spirit and think positive. It's a process of coping with yet another symptom. Hope you feel better soon.

Hey! Think this through....then you will feel calmer.....you HAVENT had a heart attack....you MAY have acid or reflux or even a hiatus hernia, but you can get medication to help all of this...check it out with your doctor. If you have acid or reflux it can be brought on by anxiety which can also cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome....so try and calm down.

Your dictir can prescribe PreGabalin for GAD (general anxiety disorder)...I take 25mg a day but some people have to take 300mg!!! They are non addictive so no need to worry about that...they also help you to sleep and relax at night so that you sleep better.

I've had Costiconditis...I sympathise...it us SO painful and takes quite a long time to heal.....it also has the same symptoms pain wise as a heart attack...so that explains why you feel you are having one!!the hospital told next that 90%of people who go to A &E thinking they have a heart attack, have Costoconditis. You could ask for some patches t

Which you stick on for your pain....which is caused by inflammation around your rib cage.

I know it's not easy, but try to stop worrying so much and don't move your ribs any more than you have to...I found rest was the best way to recover.good luck.Mari.

Try not to focus on what's going on in your body as it will seem to be like a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger an faster as it goes. I know that's easy to say. My anxiety has been raised of late I find listening to music and going for a walk with restless legs I can't sit still for long focus on the music coming through the headphones. Have you tried deep breathing or mediation you tube has some great music you can listen to or even guide you through it laying down starting at your toes and tense the muscles letting go. Is your Dr aware of how your anxiety is of late? Maybe he could adjust your meds or refer you to see a counsellor. Try doing either something productive and your able to release the tension I clean my bathroom till it sparkles or I do something that I relaxing craft work. Invite a mate for coffee to distract you. Someone that's supportive and to help bring your levels down or watch something you find funny. If you wanna talk im here to listen.

Take care an know im thinking of you so smile you can and will get through this

You would be in a lot of pain if you had an heart and that burning could be acid reflux. You are not having a heart attack just anxiety playing tricks on you have got to believe me. Because the anxiety is beating don't let it beat fight it!

I am so sorry you're not feel well and are feeling so scared! I had such an incident and ended up in the ER, but, fortunately, I was diagnosed with reflux (hiatal hernia). I am on meds for it, but if I eat certain foods or get really stressed, I will still have problems. When I get hiccups, I know I am in for an attack! I suggest you see your doctor. You could have angina, which is really affected by stress/anxiety, refllux, gall bladder, or an ulcer. It's very scary--even now when I have an attack I get frightened, but then I go through all the symptoms and can categorize them as what I've been through before. I look for "indications." Yesterday, for example, I had the hiccups, which is almost always my first indication that I haven't eaten well (I had too much caramel popcorn!) and will have an attack at some point if I don't watch what I eat--last night, I didn't change my habit soon enough and ate an enchilada for dinner! I started feeling bad before I went to bed and woke up about midnight with an attack--sat up the rest of the night watching a movie and reading because I couldn't get comfortable. This morning I am dealing with the last of my symptoms; I will watch what I eat and drink for a few days to get myself under control. Please see a doctor about other possibilities than your heart; obviously, your anxiety is setting off something. Hope this helps and you feel better soon!

so i went to sleep feeling a lot better, woke up 5 hours later with both my forearms/hands tingling and numb and huge pain in my jaw along with on and off pain in my chest..

i literally freaked out once again thinking it was a heart attack!

i guess it wasn't since i'm still here but that feeling of something bad is about to happen is sticking with me at the moment!

anxiety is so debilitating..

omg i just had the same exact symptoms like what you had.it frightened me.now im dealing with the after attack and i feel like im dying. there must be something wrong with me. i kept telling myself that something bad will happen soon and ill die young.im scared :) i havent checked myself to doctor cause im too scared to know the result.what if they find something on me.panic attack sucks and i dont want to live like this anymore.please someone help

Hey there, ive had this myself incuding pain through my jaw, it is only heart burn and anxiety. See if your Dr can give you omeprazol or something similar. Hooe this helps x



It's mind boggling how anxiety affects us.

At some point we have felt all the symptoms you've said.

The chest cracking popping actually helps me calm down and let's me know ok my chest pain is because of my chest muscles, cartilage all that stinky area that gives us the joy of costochondritus caused by anxiety/stress.

Heart palps are my kryptonite and it sends me into a panic. :(

Who wouldn't??

The best we can do is just accept that we are well, from the millions of tests we ve had done.

Easier said then done but we have to try.

Hi , I have been experiencing the same recently burning in my stomach area , but also had burning boggles around my body ! I do get pain around my ribs , I have thyroid condition another story , my health worries have started since then, doctor has given me some lansopezole for stomach acid I hate taking then but should really. I am not myself lately but getting checked out I have a little boy I have suffered from insomnia with worry but my thyroid medication think is making me tired at the min I don't know

I stay awake intil around midnight fall asleep then wake about 4am. I will continue to get checked out by doc but I am also gonna try talk to someone health anxiety Iv woke this morning convinced Iv now got mouth cancer. What is happening ? How did you find out you had the rib problem big hugs Binkynoo

Hey man. First off yes, you CAN have whats called a "mild heart attack" and yes sometimes people who experience them don't even know theyre having one but that's rare... second, heart conditions are not common in people under the age of 45 unless you have family history of heart disease and even then your doctor will tell you if that's so based off blood tests and chest xrays. Everything you listed as a symptom I have as well and have had for years now. Its anxiety bud your ok trust me people with heart conditions that are having chest pain CAUSED by the heart don't experience it long before either a heart attack or stroke happens and there are ways to tell forsure if its anxiety as opposed too your heart. But based off what im reading from your post its clearly anxiety. So relax, take a breath, and tell yourself everytime your having an episode "its just anxiety, im fine" and take like 5 DEEEEEEEP breaths with your eyes closed, (this is what works for me most of the time) and if that doesn't work do the one thing that ALWAYS gets rid of anxiety.... go for a jog/walk. That is my anxieties kryptonite. I can be having a HORRIBLE attack where my vhest feels as if its on FIRE and its so tight I feel like someone has my heart in their hand and is squeezing it, I jump up get walking clothes on and go out. By the time im home in good as new. Try this and get bak to me and lemme know if it works. God bless man I hope it all works out and if u ever need a question answered or someone to simply talk too hit me up im always available to help a fellow health anxiety sufferer. Especially a heart anxiety sufferer since im that too haha.



All this can be from the anxiety, if your GP has checked your heart with a ECG then all should be ok.

One further test is some practices have a transistorized heart monitor that they hand out for twenty four hours or so. When you return the unit they put it through to the hospital via the telephone who check it and e mail the GP with the results. You generally take three periods when you are bad and record the time after these reading the machine goes back to GP. So they are checking you not just once but three times. in an everyday environment.

It was a good time ago when I was given the use of this kit so things may have changed since then. It is a good way to check for anxiety

All the best



All this can be from the anxiety, if your GP has checked your heart with a ECG then all should be ok.

One further test is some practices have a transistorized heart monitor that they hand out for twenty four hours or so. When you return the unit they put it through to the hospital via the telephone who check it and e mail the GP with the results. You generally take three periods when you are bad and record the time after these reading the machine goes back to GP. So they are checking you not just once but three times. in an everyday environment.

It was a good time ago when I was given the use of this kit so things may have changed since then. It is a good way to check for anxiety

All the best

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