Thesme's adventures in sobriety

So, today is my second day off the red wine. I was diagnosed with GAD and OCD about 18 months ago and put on escitalopram (10mg) which worked well for my OCD, not so much for GAD. However I have been a daily drinker of red wine for years, because I loved the sedative effects. It turns out that lexapro and red wine is even more sedative, so I carried on. Finally though I got sick of the boozing. I want to get fit and stay fit and not rely on alcohol. So, under the supervision of a clinical psychologist, a therapist and my GP, I set yesterday as my quit day. Got through ok, thanks to the judicious application of valerian and hops. I have valerian everywhere at the moment, in my desk drawer, in my handbag, probably spilled some in me bra even! I feel good, not terribly anxious, although I'm normally at my best at this time of day and most stressed in the evening. We shall see....


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  • I can see you have a good sense of humour that will help you through life and make people laugh! I just had a chuckle...but not at circumstances of course. I used to drink for relief of anxiety. It made me so ill did red wine....ruined my stomach and bowels and emptied my purse too! Congratulations to you! I'm so glad you have got help to fall back on. I will be watching your adventures with interest. Well done friend, keep it up , the rewards are so worth it! I promise you xx

  • Well done and good luck in achieving your goal!!

  • HI THESME well done hope you keep it up when you say valerian and hops what do you mean x

  • Well it's Wednesday now and all going well. No physical withdrawal symptoms. A slight yearning but not too bad. The weekend may be tough, we'll see.

    By valerian and hops I mean Kalms night-time - this has prevented insomnia (something I suffer from when I don't drink red wine). I also take Valerina day-time after lunch (valerian and lemon balm leaf). This seems to be keeping the show on the road. I'm also on lexapro, and I take starflower oil. I am also avoiding caffeine. BUT I am indulging in extra good for you chocolate. Another vital support is watching Great British Bake Off, and the Paralympics where Ireland now have 10 medals!! YES!!!!

  • THANKS THESME for the reply x

  • well done flower... one day at a time.. Your sense of humour is very similar to mine.. Try caffiene free green tea or chamomile tea ..Trouble with the bake off is when I watch I crave cake..and I am on a strict diet ! lol

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