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What else can I do to help myself???

I have suffered with Anxiety for over year now and sometimes its severe and other times I forget I have it! It has had serious implications on my job which I have now resigned from. I go and see a psychotherapist once a week and I am trying CBT with him. It makes a lot of sense but for all the good days, the bad ones seem to out weigh them! For example, I went for a spa day with friends and although I was a little anxious at times, I managed the whole day and had a great time. I then went out for a meal on the same day with about 20 people and I literally could not stand it, we were put in the upstairs part of the restaurant which was pretty cramped (in my opinion) and I just could not stick it out. Although I didn't have a panic attack, I was very light headed, dizzy, finding it hard to swollow and I felt like I was in the room on my own!! I sat there and tried all my CBT stuff and I still had to do a runner. This has such a big impact on my life and I just want to be normal again and get on with day to day tasks. What else can I do to help my self apart from medication and CBT???

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Keep believing it will get better even in your darkest moments. You describe feelings I very much experience myself. Exposure is good in addressing/fighting your anxiety, however you can take on a bit too much at times which then can be counterproductive not to mention exhausting! If you are like me tho it pains to then have to miss out on the things you once enjoyed and took for granted, like sitting down and having a meal. I tried initially to flood my anxiety but it just wasn't working and I accepted it was going to be a bit more of a marathon than a sprint to the finish. Coming on this site and sharing and hearing the stories of others has been a real help. Relaxation, mindfulness, alternative therapies are often discussed on this site and there are plenty of members who will be willing to share their experiences you only have to ask. Personally I don't opt for taking medication but I don't discount them as again lots of members on this site have experienced the positives to medication and will share what they know if this something you consider. Have you ever tried to 'ride' through the waves of panic?


Hi Hollow, thank you for your response and I kind of thought that maybe I had done/expected a bit too much of myself but I discounted it because I was thinking negative thoughts like 'I should be able to do this, its just one day - why can't I be normal again?'. I have been trying some exposures as per my CBT, like going into shops and the things is sometimes I can do it and sometimes it feels like I am being asked to jump off a bridge! I have just realised that although I have been doing the exposure therapy, I have never actually fully tried to ride through the waves of panic. I run before it gets that bad, which is exactly what I did at the restaurant. I think I have been kidding myself and I have only just realised :(


Hi Scully. I can relate to that wanting to feel normal again and why today but not yesterday why this supermarket and not another. It's so frustrating but for me I gave up the battle of whys and concentrated on what I can do and built up on that. CBT as you know lasts for a short amount of set sessions, this in my opinion is rarely enough or more to the point probably is that we expect to get through our anxiety in the same fashion. I've been going with my anxiety quite a bit lately, as you know it will peak at some point then ease off but I also know how hard it is to do that initial time without wanting to flee. In reality if something bad is going to happen what is running away going to achieve! If I can I remove myself from the immediate situation such as if I'm in the office, I get up and look out the doors just so the wave can pass over me. It's by no means easy to begin with and some days its harder than others but what's the alternative I ask myself?? Like you it's been over a year now for me and I want shut of it I don't want to be putting posts up saying I've had this for twenty years but I know it knocks the stuffing out of you and there is no quick fix. I know surely a year or more is long enough but anxiety goes deep and it takes time to unwind it all. Always happy to chat. Stay positive. It will get better.


Thank you, it really helps to know that I am not on my own (even though I wouldn't wish anxiety on anyone).


hi Scully

You could try a book by Susan Jeffers - Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway - she's brilliant!!!

good luck




Thanks Rose, I am going to look for that today xxx


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