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Anyone feel the same way? What do I do to help it ? Help :/

I've been feeling anxiety I guess but I get it all day everyday for the past month now. I get it so randomly, all of the sudden my heart will start racing, and my eye sight is kind of blurry and I feel very, very light-headed/dizzy. I don't understand how all of this can be just anxiety/stress. I was so worried that I can be diabetic, heart problems, anemic, vertigo, etc. so I went to get blood work, x-rays, and heart tests done. All the tests said I was fine ????? I don't get it.. I wish I can make all these horrible feelings and symptoms I get go away ! :( I don't know what to do.

I start crying because of these crazy symptoms I get everyday. I feel as if im getting up very fast from laying down but yet sometimes I am not even laying down..It lasts for about 15-20 mins then after I just feel dizzy and have really bad chest pains.

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All these symptoms can link to anxiety, although you're best of talking to your GP/doctor, however if it is anxiety trust me it will get better it makes you feel so bad and experience these symptoms but the less you think about it the less you feel it so try taking your mind off it by things such as cleaning exercise reading playing something whatever you like and try to think of anything but because it just feeds the anxiety, you could also try meditation, deep breathing or an app/website headspace, I hope you feel better soon and it will get easier x

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Hi everything u have said is me everyday its hard living like this and I know how u feel I really wish I could help u but I don't know how to xxx


all of us here know what you going through because we going through it too xxx


Yes I feel the same way, and all the tests prove there is nothing wrong. This is anxiety, and yes for me EVERY SINGLE DAY it really is disheartening. I am just holding on the hope that one day I will be free of this. I will pray things get better for you


Hi Gen,

That's anxiety,

You have to go through calming techniques until you find something that help YOU.

Some have found the comfort on coming on here writing it out and having people acknowledge they feel the same and give tips.


Do hobbies


Breathing techniques


Take a break from their stresses

Just find a way to calm you your the best judge on that.

The above used to help me but not anymore and I'm searching there are many ways out there and I'm looking

Aromatherapy is the latest and it's helped some.

Hope this helps



Thank you guys ! :)


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