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what can i do ? anxiety is getting to bad

i had anxiety for years now bad thoughts but it was not bad it would come and go so i could just live my life happy i did not know it was anxiety at the time. at age 18 i had a baby everything was lovely after some months i got a contraceptive injection it was ok for some time but then i had very bad affects from it thats when anxiety came in bad its geting very bad now the thoughts are very bad i want to be how i used to be so much .. anxiety is makeing my life a liveing hell i just dont know what to do no more iam only 19 years old all i want is to live my live happy but this anxiety is stoping me form liveing my life it makes me feel very bad thinking theys thoughts i want them gone its putting me so down i dont know what i should do its getting bad and stronger

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I would go to your GP and explain how you feel, just as you have done on here, and they should be able to help and put some support in place. That is your first step I think. Good luck. xx


thanks i will be calling them today


Hello & Welcome

I would go to my GP & let them no how I was feeling

I had a baby when I was 17 & my anxiety got worse , I was very young looking back & at 18 even though you are now 19 , is young as well & been a Mum can be a lot of pressure at any age

I was still a good parent & I imagine you will be as well , but what I wished I had done differently is gone & spoke up about how I felt , & so I hope you do

They will not think you are a bad Mum or anything like that if you are worried that they will , as so many now suffer with anxiety & they have heard it all before , they could either offer you meds , but if you are against that which some of us are , counselling is another option

That injection doesnt suite everyone , it can make womens anxiety worse in some cases , & there are other alternatives out there , so if it wasnt suiting me , I certainly wouldnt have it

I no its not easy , but the thoughts are what anxiety can cause & if you can try & remember that its your anxiety making you have these thoughts & try & not fear them , as the more we do , the more anxiety it creates , which then the thoughts come more , they will get less & eventually they do go altogether , but it takes time & practice

I hope you can see you are not on your own & coming on here & talking about how you feel is a big help as people do understand & care :)





thanks i was think i was the only one haveing bad thoughts yesterday it was so bad i was so down cant wait for it to go i will be seeing a docter soon hopeing they give me something for it as i cant take it no more xx


No you are not & its very frightening , you wonder what is happening to you , but there are so many that have this when their anxiety is bad

Remember we fear these thoughts because its anxiety , if it was anything else we wouldnt fear them , we would think they were normal , but we dont like them , try singing or humming over them or tell them to go away , you are not listening , it does help

Let us no how you go on & keep talking on here



well do & thanks for your support xx :)


My daughter gave me a set of 'inspiration cards' and today's one states ' Our life is a creation of our mind' from Buddha. Well ,how true is that.... if all these fears would go out of our minds we would be just great.And whywhy is right we fear them because we have anxiety to other people they would be 'normal' thoughts.Hope you got to see your GP. keep on here and chat away. All the best. xx


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