Struggling w/ thoughts and physical issues

I've had the hardest time this last week with both my thoughts and my physical health.

I was in the ER for a panic attack a week ago and it was absolutely terrifying. Ever since then I can't stop thinking about dying, being terrified of dying, etc. I feel like I can't reign in my thoughts. I can't concentrate on anything. On top of this, I have a constant nervous/nauseous feeling in my stomach that prevents me from eating a whole lot, shaky legs, and a fast heart rate. This is getting exhausting as I've been dealing with this every day for the last week and anxiety disorder in general for several years.

I'm currently on Celexa and seeing a psychiatrist for the first time tomorrow. I'm 20 and female. Does anyone have any advice for how to combat this? I've tried deep breathing, yoga, distractions like tv shows, etc, but no matter what it always comes back to me and I feel like I'm slowly losing control over my life. Any help, advice, or positive thoughts appreciated!


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20 Replies

  • Hey Paige! I went thru this same exact thing!! I had a panic attack for the first time ever November of 2015, mine was induced by marijuana smh. It was the scariest feeling ever. It literally felt like I was about to die right then and there to the point I was writing goodbye letters so fast because it felt like I was about to just vanish into think air. And after that night, I too still can't stop thinking about it. I don't know if it was traumatizing or what but my brain is still stuck on that night and that feeling that I'm in fear of it constantly. I lost my appetite for a month after that and lost 25lbs in 30 days (which I have since then gained back lol) seeing a therapist helped some but more so as I moved on seeing that nothing ever happened has helped me as well. And learning how we are living longer and longer helped me too. Anything really positive helps me so much. But that night started my anxiety/panic disorder and that led to depression and also developed ptsd from that and always have this impending doom feeling like something bad is gonna happen. But it does get better. But I do just wish I could feel like my normal self again which I know that's how you feel too so you're not alone at all.

  • Thank you for sharing your story with me. It does make me feel a little better that others are going through similar things. How helpful did you find going to a therapist to be?

  • No problem, I was so thankful to find this community when it first happened. I found seeing a therapist to be beneficial in some ways. It was talk therapy though so in some sessions I found that some things she would say could be a trigger for me. Personally. So I'm about to start cognitive therapy which I haven't tried yet and really excited about it. When it happened to me I also developed derealization that lasted for about 4-5 months. And from there OCD with my thoughts like yours and I've been reading that cognitive therapy is really good for what we suffer from

  • I'm definitely looking into something like that too. Thank you! I hope you continue to feel better and find the best methods to combat these thoughts and feelings!

  • Thank you! I hope the same for you as well 😊 Feel free to ask me anything else If you have anymore questions

  • I agree with you, impending doom exactly. I was just telling Paige that its thoughts that bombard our brains. We have to try and just do what we have to do and not let it take over us. It feels like it took over but we have to try and fight it. Although its hard because its basically fighting ourselves. We all have underlying issues that started as regular stress but then it snowballed into Chaos and then thats when Anxiety comes around and tries to knock us down. THEN we stress over anxiety and thats when it starts to spiral out of control. We have to find a way to combat our situations and not really the anxiety. Its hard but we have to try. I want to get back to having fun I have been in this anxiety battle since May 2016 and I got better for two months because I was taking some meds. I felt good and stopped the meds then 2 months later Mr. Anxiety poked his head around again... Smh

  • Hello. I had my first major panic attack 12 years ago. I was 10 so I was absolutely clueless as to what happened and thought I was dying. And as you described, it was the most horrific feeling ever and I thought I had some terminal illness that was going to kill me soon. I never really knew what it was nor my family did so I just ignored it. But my anxiety symptoms were on and off. I went to a psychiatrist for the first time when I was 13 and took lexipro which didn't really do any help so I stopped taking it and stopped going to that doctor. Fast forward to my senior year in high school, after my grandma died the panic attacks came back and they were really bad it was affecting my school grades and family. So my parents finally took me to a psychiatrist and she prescribed me zoloft. It took me around 2 weeks for the effects to kick in but zoloft was a big lifesaver. I completely stopped getting anxiety and my life was the total opposite compared to the previous past months. I was so happy with life.

    So I really recommend trying zoloft. Now I'm not saying to rely on the meds forever. Its a good start though. I've been on zoloft for 5 years now and have decreased its dose from 200 to 50mg right now and thinking of quitting soon. So as zoloft stops your anxiety, you stop thinking about it naturally and even when you withdraw from zoloft you may never(or barely) think about having panic attacks again because you were so used to not thinking about getting anxiety at the time you were on meds. Of course, for some people the symptoms may come back after withdrawing but it will never be as bad as before taking the medication. But as for remedies, nature music(birds singing, water sound) and relaxing music with deep breaths always calms me down.

  • Thank you for sharing your story with me! I've actually been on Zoloft, two months ago, and it didn't seem to work very well for me, so now my doctor has prescribed Celexa for me. I've only been taking it for a little over a week, so I'm still waiting to see how beneficial it will be - fingers crossed! The Zoloft had terrible side effects on me: I could barely eat, felt super drowsy all the time, and my anxiety seemed to actually get worse instead of better. I wouldn't be opposed to trying it again if the Celexa doesn't work out, maybe I didn't give it enough time. It definitely comforts me to know that there are people out there who understand what it's like to deal with things like this and know how exhausting it can be. I've found meditation to be particularly helpful in calming me down, but nature music will be added to my list! Thank you!

  • Oh I see... well I would definitely wait for another week or two to wait for the celexa to work. Antidepressants usually take a couple weeks before the meds start working. So don't give up hope. Hopefully celexa is your right one and even if not, theres always going to be some med that will work for you. And believe me, you will see a drastic difference once the med starts working. Your life will be the total opposite of now. Good luck!

  • Thank you for the encouragement! No negative side effects thus far, and I'm about 11 days into the medication. Here's hoping it works!

  • I have just recently (few months) experienced this for the first time. The only thing that helped reduce it was the fact that I had been to the hospital and dr. and all tests are good. At one point I was afraid to fall asleep because I believed I wouldn't wake up. Any symptom would cause these thoughts. My heart rate is too low, tingling in fingertips, numbness in leg, pain in rib cage. Eventually I just gave in to the idea that I'm healthy and when the feelings come in like a wave, I decide to trust the doctors. I really have had numerous tests. Sometimes I sleep on sofa with television on so I'm not just laying, thinking. I wish you the best, you are not alone.

  • I've had similar symptoms to those. My doctor also told me that I am young and healthy, so that's a phrase I've kind of been repeating to myself in my head to help shut down the anxiety. Thank you for your encouragement :)

  • What helped me is a website "" by a Christian psychotherapist Dr Pauline Holmes. You can download and listen to her free audio programs to help you understand and deal with fear and anxiety. Particularly the "Fear" series . It is bible based teachings that will help you find peace. When you go to the website, click on thd top tab called "Our WebRafio Station" and then click on the "Fear 1" topic. It goes up to "Fear 11" that you can listen to. I pray you will listen to the topics and teachings on this website and find freedom from anxiety and peace that God wants you to have. I'm praying for you. God bless you and take care.

  • Thank you, I will definitely look this up! I've been Christian all my life but have definitely been struggling with my faith and belief lately, which is contributing to these anxious feelings. Thank you for sharing this with me!

  • You are welcome, Paige. Also know that Jesus is holding you in the palm of His hand and that God is holding Jesus. Your future is secure in God and He has a plan for you to live a full and joyful life. God bless you. I'm praying for you.

  • I know exactly what your feeling....I've struggled with these feeling for tye past 10 years and theres no easy cure. Its time and error and its not easy at all....just try to remember tyat your ok and its your anxiety.....anxiety can't kill you alls you can do is just remind yourself.....this is just my reaction to anxiety and Its not going to beat me. Also Idk if you believe in the power of prayer but it helps me ti ask God everyday for peace and strength. I have ups and downs all the time....mostly down. This isnt to discourage you but my obly intent is to help you remember your not alone it just feels that way. It could possibly take awhile to find what works for you and what doesn't. For me its Clonazepam....but only when absolutely needed. Good Luck. My episodes began at 10 years old....but I'm now almost 41....10 years ago I almost had a fatal pregnancy....we are just fine now....but I go back to that horror everyday and this experience is what really made my irrational thoughts spiral out of control. Your not crazy....we're human beings. ☺

  • Hi Paige, May I ask, have you had to take any antibiotics prior to all of you recent symptoms? I ask because some can cause these types of things, and the reaction can be delayed so that you don't put them together, the antibios and the symptoms. That happened to me, so I wonder about it.

  • I haven't taken any antibiotics lately, so I don't think it's that...

  • Good. Avoid Fluoroquinolones entirely if you need to take one. Doctors tend to scoff at this, but if you google Cipro toxicity (and others in that family) you'll see. I hope you figure it out, meanwhile.

  • hello Paige, I am sooooo sympathetic for You! Un/fortunately, "Panic/Anxiety"land'd on me

    this Past Easter & hasn't left. DR tried medication on me, Didn't work, I hate the idea

    it has taken over my Life! the symptoms vary- daily! the Nausea is regular occurrence. A

    version of SCARED is repeat'D almost daily. I am 69, a two/time Widow and retired, living in a

    Senior Complex, about 2 & 1/2 years now...... Where did this come from? & Why?

    Age, race, sex, probably has NOTHING to do with this..... it's awful.... it's depressing..... being Afraid & Nauseous isn't Diane, But it

    You are NOT alone, with this, BUT I sincerely HOPE 4 you, it'll go away..... you are Young....

    My DR says 1 out of 3 people suffer from this, how upsetting is that?

    Wish you Peace & hope You can over/come this, You are NOT alone!

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