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Chest pains


I have suffered with anxiety for years. it used to be when i had a girlie night out planned or a works meal... Social anxiety. I went to see my GP who gave me Citilapram, I ended up having a servere reaction and major panic attack.

To cut a long story short I have tried various Anti-depressants which result in servere reactions. Since Easter after my last reaction my anxiety has got much much worse. I no longer like being alone or going to bed. I am anxious all day every day which is effecting my whole damn life. The chest pains are the worse. They make me panic more.

Any advice on how to stop these pains. I am currently in treatment with a psychologist having EMDR. Only had one treatment so far. Have tried deep breathing but it doesnt really help.

Thanks Jayne

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The only advice I can give is to lie down and listen to some music and take slow deep breaths and just try to calm yourself down. It works for me.



i also suffered with tight chest pains when i first started with anxiety and also have for a few times when my anxiety decides to come out strong. my gp prescribed me an inhaler but i didnt really notice a difference. its hard to work through tho i find going for a walk helps if u walk through the pain it starts to ease. i had a tooth out yesterday and ive been anxious and today my chest is rather tight and i know its because i was scared and now im scared about how its gunna heal etc. x


ps, im also no good with an tablets i was given i kept having reactions to them too ! some people they just dont suit, i find cbt has been working well for me, x


I would try and avoid the deep breathing and go with it the best you can. I tried deep breathing for years and it never seemed to work. I go to a psychotherapist weekly and the first thing he told me was not to try and breath makes things a lot worse. I now sit there and go with it, telling myself that this is the anxiety and nothing is going to happen because nothing has ever happened before when I have felt this bad etc etc.


Thanx so much for all the advice. Since aving EMDR therapy on Tues my chest pains have ceased!!! Stil anxious but at least I can breathe again.


what about propranolol?have you ever tried this?


chest pains are my worst anxiety symptom, i really do struggle with it. I'm currently looking into different distraction techniques to try take my mind off the aches and pains. In the mean time i've just gone back onto propranolol (only a low dose of 2 x 10mg a day)and it has helped loads these past few days. I'm not normally one for medication but i've been that bad with pains i can't cope with out help as such.



Im on them also but Stil get the chest pains ; (


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