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chest pains

so last night i started having chest pains and started to freak out a little bit because my boyfriend works at night and i was by myself it was like 3 in the morning and thought about calling my mom but i didnt want to bother her or wake her up it has still continued to today of course its not that bad like it was last night or this morning but its still kind of there i just want to hear someone able to relate to what im saying i took excedrin this morning and it helped alot i was able to fall asleep so it made it better i still feel it a little bit but i just keep trying to tell myself that i am ok there is nothing wrong with me like i wont even smoke at all cause im scared its going to make it come back i know it only anxiety but it still doesnt make me freak any less

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Hello. I think there are many in the group who will be able to relate to what you have described. Chest pain is one of the most common symptoms reported by people who suffer with anxiety. Almost everyone gets scared that it might be a heart issue, but it very rarely is. There are several possible reasons for chest pain - e.g. skeletal pain, which is caused by things like what position you go to sleep in , or what position you sit or lie down in, coughing too strenuously, asthma,acid reflux and muscle strain. I assume that you have already had heart tests done - but if not then that should be something to ask your doctor about just to rule that out as a cause. However, as I said, it is a very common symptom that springs from anxiety. I hope this helps you a little.



yea ive been to 3 doctors including the hospital and got ekg and blood tests and all that stuff and everything was fine thank u so much for your reply people like you guys help me out alot knowing im not alone


you are very welcome :-)


For the past few days ive been having scary panic attacks. And this morning i started having little chest pains and sharp pains in my arm and stuff it scared me but i know its because of Anxiety. Your Not alone dear.


thanks love so much i appreciate the time you took to reply to me it means alot


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