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Chest pains 😫💥

Iam getting like Pinch Needle pains on around my collar bone area on the left side and a little bit on the chest. It comes and goes but its just little sharp pinch pains. Does anyone else get these?? Iam hoping its anxiety. I've been extremely overwhelmed my Health insurance is ONCE AGAIN acting up ive been denied for an insirance ive had for 3 years now like wtf. So now iam stressing about not seeing my Dr. For my ALC retake. And My Xanax and Lexapro meds. Iam so so sad. I reapplied again bit it takes a while.. :( had to cancel all ky Dr. Appts due to bot having insurance. And iam starting to feel Scared and paranoid againm heart Pumping Hard and Sweating. Sudden fear all that is coming back to me. Ive been doing well for 2 months untill all this stressed me out. Anyone help with advice or reassurance pleassssse 😰

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That is unfortunate you are being denied insurance. Especially when you are given prescription medications you can not just stop cold turkey. Anyhow, I suggest you find out if you have a sliding scale fee clinic or a free clinic in your area. They have both here in my area. It usually requires you to apply for their services and show proof of income, but it is better than nothing. If by chance you dont qualify for insurance (hopefully u will) and u end up having to pay for everything out of pocket anyway, I highly recommend u get in touch with a naturopathic doctor. Your regular Medical doctors dont get to the root cause of your issues, they just hand out pharmaceuticals and send u on your "merry" way. All the best to you Dear. God bless.


Thank you so much.

Thank goodness i had the chance to get my 60Pills last week before my insurance ended so ill be good for a month or 2 but by then i should have my insurance HOPEFULLY. but i will check for a naturopathic doctor. Thanks again Godbless

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I went to the ER today because I couldn't breathe and my chest was hurting so bad. Found out I have acute bronchitis. And I don't have insurance either boo, but if you ever need your meds or to be seen for anything I know a couple of doctor offices that put you on a sliding scale and your appointments won't be anymore than $35.


I was going to a low income clinic but then i got my insurance so it was all good but now ughhh i reapplied for medicaid so i hope i get it..


Btw hope u get better asap


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