Anxiety chest pain chest feels uncomfortable making me panic

Can someone help me please my chest feels really tight and heavy and the top of my back making my anxiety even worse or it's my anxiety making it worse I have been doctors had bloods ecg and everything is fine they want me to starte on sertriline but am so scared to take them really making me feel aerial am scared my chest and throats making me panic please help


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  • We are all here Saz12345 to support you. First take a slow deep breathe a couple times so you can clear your mind and think rationally. My chest is tight and heavy because I am scared. The top of my back is connected to those chest wall muscles making that tense as well. This has nothing to do with my heart. This is my anxiety taking over. My throat is a part of the tight muscles as well. I can swallow. I can breathe. I am safe.

    Sip on some warm water or have a hot cup of soup, tea etc to calm the inner part of yourself. Then wrap a hot bath towel (straight from the dryer if possible) around your shoulders, back and chest. Sit in a quiet spot and just breathe and relax. You should start feeling better shortly. x

  • Thankyou so much agora1 it's just so scarey why does it feel so real like something is up x

  • Saz, because it is real. That is real tight muscles and not your heart. Our anxiety and negative thoughts start the process of anxiety but it's our body that gets caught up in the stress. Breathe....x

  • Why does it make you dizzy aswell I hate this it's scaring me x

  • Saz, the dizzy/lightheaded feeling comes from our fear and then we start shallow breathing. That's why it is important to practice deep breathing. Hydration is also important with anxiety. Learning not to be afraid needs to come when you are not in a high state of anxiousness. Have you read the Dr. Claire Weekes Book yet?

    It will further explain how rethinking everything we feel just perpetuates the fear and makes us more scared. Accepting these feelings as not harmful will benefit you in the long run. Breathe x

  • No I haven't read it I will look it up now to see if that helps thankyou so much I just want to feel normal x

  • Saz, it's called "Hope & Help for Your Nerves" Most of us on the forum who have gotten better, swear by her teachings. She stresses how "Acceptance" of the symptoms not being dangerous is the key to getting better. It's sold on Amazon...

  • Thabkyou even today still feel really scared this needs to stop stiff neck chest discomfort hate it x

  • Hi Saz12345, the discomfort does have to stop so that you can relax some. order for it to stop, you need to accept that it's anxiety caused as well as start on the medication the doctor gave you. Just addressing the physical symptoms will not take the discomfort away unless the emotional symptoms are taken care of as well. That can be by medication & therapy.

    Right now you are between a rock and a hard place. A path in the road that gives you 2 choices. Whatever the choice may be, it moving forward that will get you going in the right direction.

    Right now you are stuck, as many of us are, in fear. Wishing it away it not enough. x

  • Thankyou so much for replying it's so hard to deal with and now I have a headache and feel sick when will the symptoms storm my shoulder and under neath my ribs are hurting to I need to starte medication but scared to x

  • Saz, your headache is a tension headache. You feel sick because you can't make a decision. Once you make the decision to take the medication or not that in itself will relieve your symptoms. It's the not knowing what to do that keeps the symptoms active.

    What I did when I started on medication was made sure someone knew that I was going to take my first pill. I would write down the time and the dose and the name of the medicine. I would take it and then watch a good movie or read a book. Worse thing is to watch the clock and anticipate their being a side effect. Slow steps that will make it easier to take the next pill and the next etc.

    You can use the forum for support as well since we all understand that fear of meds. You will be okay. This step will be the most important one in moving forward and getting some relief. x

  • Thabkyou for that I hate taking tablets but my shoulders and body was sore with a headache I just got 1 dissolvable co-codamol and since I have had it my bellys hurting I feel sick and panicky like I can't breath all this is destroying me so much I still feel so sick 😢I need to starte fresh tomoro and take my sertriline tablets to see if it can sort me out it's like my symptoms keep coming 1 after the other x

  • Saz, meds always need to be taken with food, especially pain killers. Your being panicky is causing your chest muscles to tighten making you feel as if you can't breathe. Try to relax in a chair or bed and let the medication to it's job. Bring your shoulders down away from your ears and deep breathe slowly in and out. And yes, make tomorrow a new start for you in taking your sertraline tabs. x

  • I will do thankyou so much I have got this terrible pain under my left ribs and it keeps coming and going but so painful 😢Another symptom when will this stop omg!!! You have your stomach in the middles below your ribs this pain is on the left right hnder my ribs this is destroying me so much thanks for your messages tho thankyou x

  • Thnx for that I get the same bern really bad this week chest pains etc all signs of heart attack. I've got to get rid of this monster had two anxiety attcks even on holiday, I'll get that book oh and had anyone tried the Charles linden method ?

  • Thabkyou I was the same it's horrible why can't they be a cure for this they feel so real x

  • I have chest pains on a daily basis, I can't remember a time in the past three months where I didn't have them at some point once or a few times a day. They are scary because you want don't want to ignore it in case it's a possible heart attack. I know all to well we all do, I have them when I'm just sitting at home for no reason just relaxing. I understand why I get them in certain situations like at work because my job can be really stressful at times but just relaxing I can't understand. Lately my new symptom is right under my left breast right near where my ribs are I get chest pains feels awful & very scary.

  • I know it's so scarey it's horrible x

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