Health anxiety AGAIN!

I really am struggling to believe that anxiety can make us feel physically ill. How can it seem to play on our fears and cause symtoms out of nowhere?! As soon as one symptom goes and I feel alright about it the anxiety will chuck something else unknown at me! Can it really make our heads feel this messed up? I'm having SO many dreams at night I don't even know what's real and what's not. How does it do this?! Having a fed up day today


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  • That's the nature of HA I'm afraid. If our mind is put to rest on some perceived illness it'll just start looking for a new one to worry about. Once it finds it off you go again!

    I know - I've been there off and on for many years.

  • I suffer with this too. Already this morning the dizziness has started. I try my best to get out of myself. Music, walking, anything. Good luck and bless.

  • Hi Sara.

    Bramwell is right as soon as you come to terms with one symptom you start to worry about another.Do you have an interest to help you focus on something else.


  • Hi This CBT therapy looks like the answer in some cases Its the behaviour we have to the thoughts that has gotten all screwed up... Instead of a rational way of dealing with problems such as anxiety... which is an everyday occurrence to everyone on the planet.... we turn it into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. I would suggest asking your GP about this CBT therapy or something similar...steve

  • I agree cbt therapy is good in going through it at the moment one session a week I'd ask your gp about it.

  • Yes I agree too, cbt helped me too:) x

  • I have health anxiety also, I'm in fear everyday, I'm waiting to see a cbt therapist

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