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what a year honestly roll on 2013 because this has been alot!


im new to this, earlia in the year i had a scare with a lump in my breast which turned out to be nothing. then 3 months ago my kids came down ill with hand foot and mouth disease and i ended up really ill at same time with a viral infection and at same time i suffered really badly with severe anxiety for 10days! ive been doing cbt done 2 sessions and gotta go back for more been working on getting myself back to normal i was given some citlaprohm (dunno how to spell it) off the doctor but he said try do it alone first as i dont want u to think taking a tablet everyday is a fix and i get that so ive been doing preety good started feeling abit normal again having more good days then bad days. i started suffering with tooth ache and went to dentist which is a place that im terrified off i did really well tho let her drain the absses and pack it, i had to go bk this week and get it out but me and my partner had an argument before i went and i got in the chair and just couldnt do it i felt drained and like crap all day through anxiety had another appointment made on the 6th of today i open the mail and its a letter from my hospital saying u have had an abnormal smear test and u need to come to get this checked out as ur showing a high level of abnormal cells on the 5th of sept and if they do treatment u can bleed heavy for a while after its just one more thing to start at my anxiety i rung doc and he said dont take the anxiety tablets he gemmie as they can affect results and things to do with the local ansestetic! and now my dentist has moved my appointment forward for me on the 28th of aug shes coming in early at 8.30 just to fit me in before i go to the hospital. i just feel like i get over one hurdle and 2 more are waiting i feel like this years taking the mic and everything is so much to take its one thing after another after another. does anyone have any wise words for me? im worried sick about the hospital appointment an so nervous about my tooth and i cant take anxiety tablets at the min so any ways of coping would be brilliant too. ive got 2 children too so need to be sorted for them, x

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Certainly does sound like you're having a cr*p time of it. You've done well to keep it together. Are you taking time for you? Can be something simple but we all need 'me' time, I know it's not always easy but doesn't have to be anything big but we forget about ourselves and some of us don't ever make time to relax. Gotta keep believing things will get better and they will, just because you can't see that light at the end of the tunnel doesn't mean it's not there. Anxiety feeds on our lows and negativity I know it's not easy but try looking at your post and try and turn the negatives around and view the positives in there. An example being your smear test, no doubt a shock and scary, easy to think the worse but the flip side of that is it's good they found out early and it's best to know now, it may be nothing but better to have it checked out and if treatment is needed then earlier the better. Good luck and remember things will get better, it's how we view things that makes all the difference.


If it helps, I had 3 abnormal tests. Then had the treatment which it sounds like you're booked in for and I've since had 3 normal tests. A lot of the time the treatment is just precaution I gather and gives the body a nudge to then heal itself. I'm now back to yearly check ups and at my gp rather than hospital so it's looking positive. Hope it goes well. Please tell a friend or family member you're having the treatment though because I found it a little shock to the system emotionally and needed to speak about it. Also ensure the hospital give you a number you can call if you're worried about anything medically after the procedure because it's quite unnerving to bleed like that. But given you've had kids you may well be less worried about your body's healing capabilities than I was :)


hi thankyou for the replys,

ill try look at the positives but this is one of the reasons why anxiety is bad i always think the worst and i am always worried about what might happen and what might this that and the other i wish i could just turn my thoughts off some times.,

and fifi one of my anxietys is health anxiety lol im terrified im gunna get home and hemridge and die :( i cant shake the thoughts its awful i tried talk to my parnter but he just screamed at me and said i was being pathetic but thats how im feelng :(


That's not pathetic at all!! I thought the same, BUT, I didn't die so you will be fine too!!! I know you won't agree and maybe you think you're different to me, weaker somehow, try not to think this, I'm sure you're a tough cookie, and they wouldn't do the procedure if they thought anything bad would happen to you as a result. Maybe I can help you? Maybe tell me your symptoms afterwards and I promise to be honest about whether I had the same ones?


thanks fifi im really worried about it but i think anyone in this situation would be not just cause ive got anxiety but ovbs my anxiety seems to make everything alot worse :( i just wish had some more information as too it all as the leaflet they give me wasnt the best just tells u what the proceedure is not how long anything takes etc i just wanna get in and get out and im worried its gunna take along time. x


Hi there, I think everyone is different unfortunately but I found the nurses at the hospital I went to were very good, I explained I was suffering anxiety and was really frightened and so they held my hand, told me everything that was going on throughout the procedure so I'd know it was nearly over and they chatted to try and distract me and didn't judge me at all when I cried. They're there to help and in my experience are very caring women who will help to look after you. But it really does help to have someone to chat with afterwards. Have you told anyone about it?



yeah ive got my partner coming with me i dont want him to come in the room tho as i know if i get scared ill get more worked up with someone i know there if that makes sence find i have to be brave if im in alone with strangers, the nurse i spoke to on the fone was lovely i just hope i get her lol! did it take long when u where there they told me id be in there less then 10mins hope thats right cause i dont wanna be in there a long time i just want it over and done with.

i was brave today i went and got my tooth taken out was really proud of myself i did brilliant but i feel really drained now which i know is normal as ive just had a tooth pulled out its a shock to ur system isnt it.

worried tho as i feel this drained after getting a tooth out how will i feel next week after this treatment ! x


Hey, I found mine took about 20mins tops. Good for you! I hate the dentist too lol! Well done!! I'd say if youre feeling anxious for a period of time you will absolutely feel drained after. It's the chemical come down I think. May help to take a little piece of chocolate or some fruit juice in your bag for a little bit of sugar after? I find that makes the drained feeling less for me. Don't worry!! (I know easier said than done) you will be fine!!!! Xx


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