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dentist set me back. idk what to do

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so ive always hated the dentist. who doesn’t? but im just absolutely terrified. i am constantly taking care of my teeth to make sure i don’t need crazy dental care, just cleanings. i suddenly had sensitivity and pain in my back tooth. went to the dentist today. turns out i need a root canal. they were going to perform it until i freaked out bc it was gonna take 2hr. i wanted to run out the office. they ended up not doing it of course but now i feel trapped bc it needs to be done or it’s gonna get worst. i dont know what to do. i cried in the car about and im embarrassed bc im 21 and felt like a little 6 year old. i want out. i wish my tooth could just go back to normal. this experience set me back a lot with my anxiety. i want to just dwell in my bed and my depression is hitting. i honestly wanna just die bc i feel there’s nothing else i can do. it honestly just triggered the feeling that life is just too much for me

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Hello :-)

I understand you fear of dentist and have had many root canals done over the years which I won't lie I did not like one bit but the only other option was to have tooth ache and what starts of mild trust me gets worse :-o

It is not as bad as it seems and I think you should get it done as there are no other alternatives on this one and you don't want to loose your tooth

I take it you are not in the UK as at the moment in the UK I am hearing all, they are doing is pulling teeth if you have an issue so you are lucky they are agreeing to do it :-)

Phone ahead and explain your anxiety and fear

My dentist knows all about mine , she gives me more numbing , it helps me if she talks me through what she is doing we have an agreement that if I am struggling I put my hand up and she stops to give me a little break if you speak with your dentist these are just little things you could ask for but will make it easier for you :-)

You are not a baby , I am in my 50's and react just the same and many more do to , it is a fear and lot's of us have it :-)

You can do this , phone them and see what they can put in place to make it easier as I have said I have had several done and I am still here and survived it you will to :-)

Take Care x

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thank you. i know it’s something that needs to be done. im really gonna try hard and get this over with

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Hi :-)

When we know something needs doing we wind ourselves up , we make our anxiety worse and the situation we fear starts to be a 1000 times worse than what it actually is that is how anxiety keeps control

I would face the fear and do it any way , the sooner the better , if you need us just shout we will do are best to help you get this done and you will :-) x

Have a talk with your dentist ASAP. I have super bad anxiety of the dentist because of a bad experience when I was a little girl. Mine had me go to my doctor and get a single dose of. Valium or sometimes he uses laughing gas. It helps so much.

Fear of the dentist is so common! I get scared that I’ll choke on water or something (which did happen) but now I’m scared to go back

good news! i went thru it. it wasn’t fun but it wasn’t terrible at all. now i take extra good care of my teeth and will be visiting every 6 months so i dont have to go thru that again

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