Im having issues with my therapist. She just keeps saying "youve been through anxiety and you will get over it". Everything I say she just keeps ruling it as anxiety and plays down EVERYTHING I say. I've been working with her for some time and she's pretty cool but her tone with me isn't like a therapist with empathy its more like a stern aunt or family member. I'm not sure if its because we built a friendship kindve but I feel it doesn't feel like business. My job is to come for tips and comfort. When I go it feels more like I'm just venting to a family member and they're just saying "u been through this before, you had the same symptoms u will get through it." It is very discouraging, usually I would leave the office with a positive boost but lately ive been leaving upset. Its almost like she is frustrated with me because I won't accept that its anxiety. I dont want to switch therapists because I dont want to explain my whole life story all over again and she's been good in the past. My main 3 concerns are not being able to sleep properly and on time, always thinking something is gonna happen to me and severe depression making the outside world seem so far away and I'm just in autopilot.... Smh just so overwhelmed.


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  • Hope4TheBest07, it sounds as if it's time to take personal control of your anxiety problem, that therapist seems to have an awful 'bed side manner' which isn't going to help you recover. That's why I suggest you take back control of your problem and as many people on this forum find a cure through reading the right books.

    You clearly have general anxiety disorder which is clear from your previous posts and I believe the most effective cure and return to normality can be found in a book that continues to be published for 50 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of people to recover. It's the Acceptance method described by Claire Weekes in 'Self help for your nerves' available from Amazon, it explains how our nervous systems become sensitised by too much stress and as a result they exaggerate even minor problems and causes symptoms that mimic real organic illness but are really fake symptoms caused by anxiety.

    In a nutshell, her method involves learning to accept these phantom symptoms and stop the vicious circle of anxiety causing symptoms causing more anxiety causing more symptoms and so on. By learning to temporarily accept the symptoms we stop adding fuel to the fire and our nervous systems quieten down as we stop fighting and eventually they return to their desensitised state the way they should be and we feel free from anxiety and the depression that comes out of anxiety and we begin to feel normal again and can enjoy life.

  • love her book..reading it right now :)

  • Read it again and again. The more I read it the more I could relate my symptoms to those mentioned in the book. It might take time for it to sink in but you will get there. Understanding is the foundation of recovery. It takes away the fear which is the root cause of all anxiety related disorders. Once the mind starts accepting, the body will eventually follow but expect a time lag where some of the symptoms may persist and usually the ones you dislike the most. By that stage, you will have lost the fear and gone past caring too much about them and be more than able to go about your daily business without too much drama. They will be more of an annoyance than anything else but will eventually melt away by continuing to practice acceptance.

  • I feel the same way but with my current psychiatrist he doesn't listen to me and all he does is tell me to take my meds and hands me scripts... ugh so aggravating

  • I understand, but the thing is Psychiatrists they're just doctors. They aren't Pscychologists. If you want someone that prescribes and counsels than you can request that. But Psychiatrists just offer meds and that's it. We are so vulnerable and looking for answers we feel that all these professionals in the mental field are here to help. In all actuality they're not. Which really sucks.

  • Alternatively, get advice from those who have been through it and recovered. I wholeheartedly agree with what Jeff has said in his post which will lead to recovery. I also recommend a website called Anxiety No More (Natural cure for panic/anxiety) created by Paul David (ex-sufferer) which complements the teachings published by the late (great) Dr Claire Weekes. This is all I needed to recover, along with a bit of patience and perseverance. You can do it too. Anybody can, they just need to understand that fighting the symptoms has the opposite effect and keeps the anxiety topped up, whereas doing nothing about the symptoms and rolling with the punches will suck the life out of it.

    I'm not knocking therapists but in a sensitised state, where the smallest of problems now seem completely overwhelming, an anxiety sufferer can provide rich pickings for a therapist to delve into when in reality, those problems simply don't exist. They are just a figment of a tired and over anxious mind playing tricks, a symptom of anxiety and will disappear when you recover. I visited a therapist early on in my suffering and they said I should leave my job and visit marriage guidance which made me worry even more. I'm still in the same job and happily married to the same woman which just proves what nonsense a sensitised mind and body can trick you into believing. A therapist who truly understands how anxiety manifests itself and teaches acceptance of the symptoms is worth their weight in gold.

  • You don't need a therapist like her as she is making you feel even worse I've seen some and they can be so patronising

    You need someone who makes you feel like they are giving you a big hug understanding how you feel and giving you hope and encouragement to get better

    Please change her and find someone kind you need to be walking out of that office feeling lifted not crying

    Good luck

    I've just seen people recommend Dr Claire Weekes books I totally agree please have a read she will do you far more good than this woman

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