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is there many people coping with anxiety without medication?

hi there, so im not sure if anyone read my blog or not but bascially ive gotta have a tooth out on tuesday and im really scared and ive gotta go hospital week after as i had an abnormal smear test and since opening the letter i can feel my anxiety trying to creep back really bad doc said i cant take any tablets for it at the min as itl affect my hospital results but does anybody have any good ideas as to how i can calm my anxiety down right now? am i kidding myself thinking popping a pill would make a difference, i know anyone going thru the same thing would be terrified and anxious but how do i calm myself down and deal with this without any tablets? x

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Deep breathing exercises, don't think about the hospital or dentist. Tell yourself if you cannot deal with at the time it arrives then you have no need to go, you can always cancel, what is the point in working yourself up beforehand for. Just rest and relax as much as possible.


i really struggle with the deep breathing i always seem to have short breathing and when i try it never seems to work properly, both appointments i do have to go to tho because i had an absess in my tooth and its been temporarlly packed so it has to come out so it doesnt get bad again. and the hospital i have to go to also i had an abnormal smear test and need treatment so both would affect my health if i didnt deal with them, ive already botteled out of the dentist once and shes coming in early just for me. i need to find a way to own the situation instead of being scared off it any sudgestions x


Hi Julie, i don't take pills for my anxiety and am doing okish, have my bad days and ok days.

you know sometimes smear tests don't show properly and needs to be repeated, no need for concern, you will deal with it when you get there, people with anxiety have strong personality and can handle anything, that is how we fight anxiety day by day, so don't think about that test at all, you go there and if you have any questions just ask them, don't show them you are scared or they would hesitate answering you. as for the dentist is not that bad, my last appointment was Monday and i was ok, although i was scared but managed to do it, you wouldn't feel anything but you have to relax.

try drinking chamomile which is very good, i do every night, avoid fried fatty food. basically try to eat better love.

if you need anything just ask :)

remember you are strong and you can make it



thanks hun,

im hoping its nothing i really am ive got 2 gorgeous daughters here that i need to be healthy for them, i really am scared been reading into it on the net and these been alot of reassuring posts so thats good but it doesnt help you in the moment yourself does it, just gotta stay strong and get through it, and guess the dentist is nothing compaired to the hospital so ill try think of it like anxiety seems to be kicking in a fair bit recently but iknow it stems from the hospital visit. x


I've never taken anything for anxiety aside from a few herbal remedies I've tried over the years.

My wife had an abnormal smear test, all of 20 years ago now. They kept an eye on her for a few years but it never amounted to anything and she never needed any treatment at all. She had a test last year and it was all okay - normal.


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